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The chapter presents the organizational culture that prevails in Singareni Collieries Company Limited. The culture of the company has been studied in terms of values, beliefs, practices, organizational dimensions and leadership style. Further, the measures taken by the company to maintain good organizational culture has also been studied.

In this regard, a detailed discussion has been made.4.2 HONESTY AND FAIRNESSThe company is honest and fair in all its dealings with stakeholders. For instance, the company settles all the terminal benefits on the last date of retirement. All the same, it contributes to the exchequer of both central and state governments regularly and the amount paid has increased year after year. Further, it allows online tenders. Even the payments made to different parties are paid online.

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The discussion reveals that SCCL is honest and fair in all its dealings with stakeholders.4.3 EMPLOYEE WELFARE Welfare refers to the measures undertaken by the state, employers and associations of workers for the promotion of workers standard of living and also the promotion of their economic and social well-being. The scope of welfare covers statutory and non-statutory welfare facilities provided by employers, Government, trade unions or voluntary organizations for the betterment of workers. SCCL, having recognized the importance of welfare facilities has been providing statutory and non-statutory welfare facilities to its employees.

In this regard, a brief discussion is made hereunder.A) STATUTORY WELFARE FACILITIESStatutory welfare measures can be classified into two parts (i) those which are to be provided irrespective of the size of the organization or the number of people employed therein and (ii) those which are to be provided subject to the employment of specified number of people. For instance, a canteen is to be provided in every mine having 250 or more employees. Similarly, rest shelter facilities have to be provided in every mine employing 150 or more people. In this regard, the various statutory welfare facilities provided by the company to its employees have been outlined hereunder.

a) WASHING FACILITIESThe Mines Act, 1952 lays down that in every mine, adequate and suitable facilities for washing shall be provided and maintained for the use of miners and all such facilities shall be conveniently accessible and shall be kept clean. The management of SCCL provided adequate washing facilities separately both for men and women. The company uses mine water to cater to the washing needs of employees.


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