The by Sociologist, Dr. Robert Faris, which

The AC360 Bullying – It Stops Here Special Report by Anderson Cooper talks about students that have taken their own lives due to bullying. Many times we continue to see the bystander effect witnessing cruel events and not helping people in distress. This video brings awareness on how bullying happens every single day at school, children publicly humiliated, students threatening and causing physical harm to other students, and sometimes it’s caught on tape and bystanders do nothing to stop it.

A study that was performed by Sociologist, Dr. Robert Faris, which involved 700 students from Wheatley school that completed an extensive questionnaires, showed that 56% of students were aggressors and that bullies were also victimized. Also, the research found that 81% of aggressions were never reported. Schools continue to establish and enforce bullying rules. By introducing different programs that provide awareness and empathy for one another, by delivering anti-bullying messages.

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Forming a community that brings, teachers, staff and parents together to stop bullying.


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