TASK the workforce or working environment consists


1 DESCRIPTION OF EQUALITY, DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION AND AN EXAMPLE.Personal Description Dictionary Description Example ReferenceEquality This is where employers create an environment that is just and fair {not biased} regardless to one individual need or challenges (e.g. disability, sexuality, political views, religious beliefs, race and gender. This is the state of being equal, especially in status, rights or opportunities. Gender: both men and women are entitled to apply for the same position if they have the adequate qualification. Oxford dictionary (book)www.

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yourdictionary.com(internet).DiversityThis is where employers ensure the workforce or working environment consists of a range of people from different ethnicities, multicultural background, political views, gender and religious beliefs. The state of being diverse. Socio-economic class: individuals with different backgrounds (upper-class-elite, middle class and working class) being able to work together and have a wider knowledge and understanding of services needed for their client. Oxford dictionary (book)http://study.

com(internet).InclusionWhere everyone is entitled to contribute or participate in all aspects of their working environment. The action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure. An example could be in a situation where individuals with special needs (dyslexic or autistic person) being able to contribute their own idea when a situation arise. Oxford dictionary (book)http://reni.com(internet).


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