Super- Toys Last All Summer Long Fiction is a story that is not based on history or facts

Super- Toys Last All Summer Long
Fiction is a story that is not based on history or facts. Fiction is literature created from the imagination. And Science fiction is a good example to use when we talk about fiction as a genre. Science fiction often explores the consequences of scientific.
Super toys last all summer long is a very good example when we talk about fiction and science fiction.
What is actually real, when we talk about fiction? It is a very difficult question for me to answer. When I think of something that is real I think of the nature or the universe. But humans have been trying making robots, and they become more and more real. They look and acts like human beings.
The story is told in past tense, and the narrator is a third person narrative. The narrator knows everything. The narrator let us know a few things about Monica’s feelings. For example;
“She has tried hard to love him”
Monica is not a mean mother, she just can´t love David like the way a mother should. On the other hand, David finds it very difficult to talk to her and express his feelings by writing to her. It seems like David is a bit shy. He can´t talk to his mother, so he tries to write it down. But even when he writes it all down he still cannot express himself. Teddy helps him, when he is writing the letters, and when they have finished the letter, Teddy asks David to go downstairs and give it to her. David doesn´t think the time is quite right and he thinks that his mother wouldn´t understand.
One day Monica finds all the letters that David had written to her, she read it and burst out crying.
She gets very depressed. But in the same moment Henry gets home and Monica greets him. They have received a letter from the ministry population. After four years of waiting, they have been granted their biggest wish; they have received permission to have a child. But what about David?
In the beginning we think that David is a real boy, the narrator does not spell out that David is exactly like Teddy. Monica and Henry talks about, that David has to go back to the factory, both because of the new child but also because his verbal communication-center is giving trouble.

But I think when they turns David back to the factory, then they will leave him there forever.
The title; Super toys last all summer long
It makes sense that the story is named as it is because David was just used as an imitation this summer. David has been sent back to the factory, when Monica and Henry can get a child.
Like that the title fits very good compared to the content.
The story has not only one theme, but many themes. I think the most important theme is unreal vs. real, because it is the story´s main focus. Love is also an important theme in the story, it plays a big role, both between David and his mother but also between David and Teddy.
I think that the narrator is trying to tell us that we shouldn´t have relationship with robots because they will never replace the connection between two humans.
In my world you are only real, if you can feel and think on your own.

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