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Strategies and tactics of Hannibal Barca The History of one of the Greatest, most powerful warriors and the one that we still remember until this day, known as the greatest leader in our world named Hannibal Barca (247 BCE – 183 BCE). This great warrior was known as the leader of Carthaginian army and a team of elephants across southern Europe and, he was a member of Alps Mountains against Rome Punic War.

The general of Carthaginian army (Hannibal Barca) with his brilliants strategies and tactics of taking out the enemies and making them surrender is what made him the greatest warrior. His father was also the general of Carthaginian army who fought in the first Punic War, the war was between Rome and Carthage. Hannibal asked his father to gain hold in Spain. When Hannibal gained most knowledge of his military, he became stronger and a better leader, that’s when his father passed away, he was then elected to be the commend of Carthaginian army. This is how his story began after he started attacking the Rome. However, we will learn about his fighting strategies and tactics, effectiveness and ineffectiveness fighting against Rome.The first thing Hannibal did after he became the commend of Carthaginian army is gathering as much soldiers from Carthage, but they weren’t enough to fight against the Rome.

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The first strategies that Hannibal used was to attack the town of Saguntum, to bring the Rome attention, that’s when the second Punic War started. Even before the Second Punic War started, Hannibal already planned what will he be doing. His idea was him and his army would travel from Carthage to Alps to fight the enemies and get to Italy. Hannibal used elephants to fight his enemies. After the Carthage army arrived at Italy 14 days later, with an army of 50,000 infantry, the northern Gaul rebels than joined the Carthage army which helped them fighting and also, they had 37 war elephants.

After successfully defeating some of their enemies and getting victories against them, the Rome started to fight back by sending an army of more then 80,000 Roman soldiers. Hannibal had a strategy to fight back the Rome and attacked them from the Rear, where the Rome army didn’t expect that to happen. Hannibal and his army kept defeating the Rome army and injuring them. Even the Rome started to get afraid to send more of their army to fight against them, but Hannibal could never take control of the city. Meanwhile the Rome went attacked Carthage destroying the towns and the villages. Hannibal had to return to his country and defend it and leave his army behind in Italy fighting.

Carthaginian army couldn’t fight anymore got defeated by the Rome army.


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