STATEMENT OF INTEREST. I write to express

STATEMENT OF INTEREST. I write to express my intention in seeking admission for Master of Engineering (M.Eng) program in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Ryerson University, Canada for 2018/2019 Fall. I am a Bachelor degree holder in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University in 2014/2015 academic year. My goal is to become a refined Power Engineer from your University.

My intention is to extend my technical knowledge in Power Engineering, thereby contributing my quota in improving Power Generation Transmission and Distribution in my home country. While growing up, I became aware that Nigeria had never generated enough energy necessary for economic development despite abundant natural resources at her disposal. I was curious to know why my country could not provide uninterrupted electricity for domestic and industrial usage all year round. The present erratic electricity supply had slowed down the pace of industrial development and overall economic growth. Therefore, I was desirous to help my country solve her energy crisis at that tender age and this burning desire motivated my interest to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering and specialized in Power Engineering.

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In my Bachelor degree program, I was exposed to electrical power courses which are foundational knowledge for my specialization. I also undertook extensive research on Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System FACTS using TSR (Thyristor Switch Reactance) during my final year project. My project design, FACTS was aimed at solving the problem of very low or minor load at receiving end while charging the transmission line. I used SCRs arranged in series interfaced with microcontroller of 8051 family through optical isolation for capacitor switching. As for my academic performance, I graduated with Second Class Upper Division with CGPA of 3.

99/5.00 (see attached transcript). I was a top 1% student in a class of over 100 students in the last two years at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University. I am proficient in microcontroller programming, Matlab and Simulink software, I am equally an AutoCAD and Microsoft Office Expert certified by AfriHUB ICT institute Nigeria and a member of the Nigerian Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (NIEEE). I have worked as an undergraduate trainee with Power Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) with responsibility of recording the hourly readings of voltages, current, imported andexported power in the station, carry out routine tests on the station power transformers. Currently, I work as a Service Engineer with Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) in charge of maintenance of overhead power lines, meter installation, fault clearing and transformer servicing and maintenance. Based on this background, I opted for M.

Eng in Power Engineering which is a course based program therefore it requires no research supervision. I have decided to focus on Power Engineering which I believe will enhance my technical ability and equip me to contribute my efforts in addressing epileptic power supply and energy crisis which my country, Nigeria is bedeviled. Therefore, I am highly-motivated to apply for admission into the graduate school of Ryerson University, Canada. As for my source of funding, my parents and my paternal uncle, Chine Nkado a resident in Canada, at 7275 village walk Mississauga Ontario and works with Region of Peel as Manager, Business Intelligence, service innovation, Information and Technology; have indicated their readiness to sponsor this program.

I wish to thank you for this chance to apply for admission as a student into your University as this will create much needed opportunity to enrich my expertise, skills and ensure attainment of my life long goals of becoming a profound Power Engineer. Yours Sincerely, Nkado Fredrick Tochukwu.


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