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South Africa cricket team nicknamed as Proteas (National Flower of South Africa). An Interesting fact regarding Proteas played world cup final four times but badly failed to succeed.

Cricket was started in the 16th century from South East England. England cricket players are the cricket originator but not able to achieve a single world Cup Trophy So far. Sir Don Bradman was the youngest player to score a triple century in the Test Cricket series. Sir Don Bradman (27, August 1908) was Australian cricket team Player mentioned as “The Don” of the Cricket. Another interesting fact about Don Bradman he smashed only six sixes in his entire career. The cricket history will always recognize him as all-time favorite sportsmen.

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Indian Cricket team is the only team who had played and won World Cup match of 60, 50 and 40 over in that order. It is significant to let you know that from 1971 to 1983 all the ODI matches were in the sequence of 60 overs Kapil Dev is the only Indian Cricket player, who never had a single no ball in his entire career of Cricket. Kapil Dev a very famous former Indian cricket player. He won the Cricket World Cup of 1983.

He also remained the coach of India


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