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Social workers play a critical role in child welfare system nationwide by protecting the well-being of children, youths and supporting families in need. Welfare fraud seems to be a big and expensive problem. Welfare fraud refers to various intentional misuses of state welfare systems by withholding information or giving inaccurate information. It’s unfortunate that some people who really do need the help can’t get it and other people can just sit back and collect money that doesn’t belong to them.

Common types of welfare fraud are failing to report a household member, claiming one or more imaginary dependents, failure to report income, or providing false information about their work. For example, many people say that they have children they really don’t have and collect money for that nonexistent child. Then there are people who get the money from welfare because they just want extra money. Another way to commit welfare fraud is cashing in your food stamps for money.

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Welfare fraud has become a big issue all over the world. This is a huge issue because to many people are taking advantage of the system. Those who commit welfare fraud are influencing their children. It makes their kids think its okay to cheat the government.

Why they take advantage? People take advantage of welfare because, welfare benefits have always been low. Low benefits force these welfare recipients to lie and cheat to survive. Welfare recipients cannot survive without cheating because it would weaken the case for cutting benefits. Each day, social workers face critical decisions about the lives of these children, youths and their families while working in stressful environments that include their everyday lives.

Social workers can help these families by ensuring healthier outcomes and enhancing well-being. Social workers can even help those families get of the program, so those who need the program, get in the program.


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