Similarly, to decrease catheter dwell times by promoting

Similarly, Timmons, Vess, and Conner (2017) observed catheter dwell time and how the longer a urinary catheter stays in place the more harm it is doing to that patient. The purpose of this study was to decrease catheter dwell times by promoting a nurse driven protocol instead of obtaining a physician order to discontinue an indwelling urinary catheter. The results of the nurse driven protocol had a positive decrease in urinary catheter dwell times. The results consisted of monthly average catheter dwell times for October, November, and December 2015 were 5.17, 3.

74, and 3.5 days, correspondingly. The overall catheter dwell times decreased from 4.64 days preintervention to 4.14 days post intervention. Therefore, having a nurse driven protocol for removing urinary catheters instead of a physician order, decreases the patients risk for developing a catheter associated urinary tract infection and increases continuity of care.

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