Showing the clients have single sex toilets and

Showing respect and feel respected, involves showing clients and everybody we meet they have rights as an individual to be treated as an equal, including their beliefs, values, property and their personal relationships. We should always treat everybody with thoughtfulness at all times, courtesy, and be treated as a whole person and not as an illness, not discriminated, give time to listen and talk with client, seeking out by involving the client in the planning of their care plan, not to make assumptions about clients’ needs and to allow time for the clients to communicate their preferences and choice, and to make sure the clients have single sex toilets and bathing amenities. By identifying and meeting the communication methods of the client and re-confirming I understanding their needs and wants will make a client feel more reassured.

Through promoting a client’s rights to dignity and privacy, it can refer to the way a person is spoken to, always include a client when speaking about them in their decision making. Persevering a person’s privacy which can involve the way they are bathed or clothed, by making sure the door is closed or a shower curtain is drawn around them giving them the feeling of privacy. By re-assuring a client they are not a burden they will feel more comfortable in being able to ask more freely for help and to make sure all information is not shared with anybody unless you have to client’s permission.

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Giving a client more choice over their lifestyle will give them more empowerment whether it be food or what to wear.


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