Should victims of sexual or physical abuse.

Should Singles Be Allowed To Adopt? Good morning Miss Melissa, today I will like to talk about the topic- should singles be allowed to adopt? In this society, there are many people who are single. It is very ordinary being single nowadays. Some of them are divorced, no desire to marry and also they may be gay or lesbian so marriage is not an option for them.

Some single people are unable to become pregnant because of infertility and health problems. There are also some single people who hate men or women and prefer not to have any contact with them due to some mental issues for example they were victims of sexual or physical abuse. However, some of them have the parental feelings and wanted to adopt a child. When all that a child require is love, it doesn’t make a difference whether the adopter is single or married as long as u can be responsible to them. According to the Worldwide Children’s Statistics, it is estimated that 153 million children worldwide are orphans (UNICEF). This shows that there are many children waiting for someone to adopt them.

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Orphanages that only allowing couples to adopt will narrowing the children chances for finding a home and also will increase the sadness and rate of orphan. A child will be happier having one parent rather than none. The adoption statistics in the United States shows a majority of kids are happy in a single parent home. They experience the feeling of being needed and cherished by somebody. Single parent will giving more attention to their child and accompany them. It is because they no need to spend their time and efforts towards building a new relationship.

Moreover, single people should have the same rights as the couples would.


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