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Should healthy foods and groceries be less expensive than junk food and fast foods? Healthy foods should be in consideration of being less expensive, motive being perhaps people who consume fast foods or enjoy eating junk foods can have less life risking problems. Studies implied that unhealthy diets may cost less because food policies have focused on the creation of “inexpensive, high volume” products, which has led to “a complex network of farming, storage, transportation, processing, manufacturing, and marketing skills that favor sales of highly processed food products for highest business profit.” (Marge Dwyer) Given this reality, they said that creating a similar organization to support assembly of healthier foods might help increase accessibility—and reduce the prices—of more healthful diets. Eating a healthy diet vs.

an unhealthy one costs about $1.50 more a day, which might not sound like much, but works out to more than $2,000 more per year on the average family of four’s grocery bill. For example: When you go shopping to buy for a party and you are trying to make a decision between buying chips and a bag of celery a bag of celery comes out to almost $3.00 and it wouldn’t be enough for a party. With a bag of chips you would be able to buy 2 bags for $3.00 which is more convenient. In many ways junk food contains many high levels of calories with sugar or fat with less protein, vitamins or minerals.

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Even though fast food is the easiest and cheapest way of getting through the day it is something that can be putting your life at risk by causing obesity, cancer etc.Based of with todays generation unhealthy and healthy foods play a big role in todays youth and adults. There is a big difference between eating healthy food and unhealthy foods many of these people don’t know the actual results of what eating to healthy or to unhealthy can do to your body. When a person consumes food that is great in vitamins proteins and irons they will be a great way of avoiding any type of diseases or obesity.


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