Sharing skills and knowledge is essential for smooth functioning within an organization

Sharing skills and knowledge is essential for smooth functioning within an organization. This not only maintains employee productivity and strengthens the bonds of employees within the same department, but it also ensures that if an employee leaves the organization, the rest of the team will be able to carry on with operations until another candidate has been found. The constant sharing of knowledge also increases the team’s expertise in their field and helps them to do their tasks better while creating a learning environment in the office rather than one of competition. There a many ways through which knowledge and required skills can be shared with all the team members in a particular department.
One of the basic and easiest ways to encourage sharing of knowledge is to allocate time for relaxed communication between team members, at the end of each day or week, so that everyone gets to make a contribution. This can be in the form of weekly meetings, where employees engage in discussions and evaluate their performance during the week. Such meetings allow employees to interact and be social, while also providing them an opportunity to learn from each other’s mistakes. Having informal meetings, in a nearby café or restaurant over a meal, allows for better bonding and makes it easier for employees to be comfortable with their peers. Employees who feel bonded with their team members are more likely to share important knowledge and skills, than those who feel cut off from the team.
Humans like to feel appreciated and recognized for their work. This concept can be applied to promote sharing within a team. Following reward system in a team for sharing their knowledge and skills are valuable to the team. This could include bonuses; small prizes or simply a half-day off will act as an incentive to get other team members to share their skills with the team.

With the rapid development of technology, organizations of all scales use some form of it for operational purposes. With this idea in mind, a knowledge sharing program can be used to encourage sharing within a team. Using an office intranet or collective database for the organization can be used to collect and group knowledge and make it easily accessible to employees of the organization. This ensures that, even when employees are on vacation or taking a day off, they will be up-to-date with operations at the work place. In addition, for members of a team who aren’t comfortable with delivering speeches or have difficulties verbally expressing themselves, this method can help them to contribute their ideas as well.

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