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Self-Expression is the expression of one’s feelings, thoughts, or ideas. It can be very important in a persons life. The inabilities of understanding yourself could potentially lead you to a downhill spiral. Life has is always surrounded by a billion things to do, so no one even has time to express themselves entirely.

A good way of expressing yourself is either through creative pursuit or by speaking your heart out. When speaking out, you give your mind the freedom to release to what it had to hold on to. Almost everything we do is a form of creative expressions of our inner self, our persona. Each of us has so many dreams, ideas, and inspirations but most of them are still locked away from our potential blockage that we take to our next life.

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There are a lot of ways to express our thoughts, views, and feelings. A several ways people can express themselves is thourgh creative forms such as writing, music, painting and dancing or the way how they dress in their daily life. Moreover, a person can express their inner soul through following hobbies and interests. Interestingly, almost everything we do is a way to express a lot about us. One of the ways that I express myself everyday is though music. Music to me is the only form of expression that does not discriminate anyone, it doesn’t matter who you are, or what you are. Music had helps me through many challenges.

When I was a junior in high school, I participated in a variety of extracurriculars, and this brought me a lot of additional stress stacked on top of all the class assignments and homework. How did I cope with this daily stress? I immediately grabbed my headphones and either turned on my favorite playlist of relaxing music, or I listened to motivational speeches that would motivate me to keep going, even though I felt like everything was devouring me alive due to many activities surrounding me. I also participated in many different sports during last two years in highschool, and this is another great example to show how I expressed myself through a form of music. Listening to a famous classical music piece like Beethoven before a match, is a show of my expression toward how I felt before a sport event. I felt scared and nervous not knowing how I will execute good sportsmanship and be victorious.

Music is always been a big part of life to get through difficult time.People think of how expressing themselves can help them in their daily life. Expressing yourself through various means is a great way to discover and maintain happy opportunities. It is better you speak out every disturbing thing out of your mind, rather then some day your mind might not handle the stress anymore and explode to a negative outcome. Self-expression is a way of beating stress, and detaching from the burnouts of day to day activities. Our modern life just forces us to keep moving and not know to live with peaceful mind.

Self-expression is one form of self-defense exercise where we let ourselves go into the state happiness.


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