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Resposibilities of a care worker1. Understand working relationships in care settingsAssessment Criteria the learner can:1.1 Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationshipWorking relationships are usually based on formal policies and procedures and agreed ways of working ( for example working with your team to achieve the goal of the organisation we work in). They are bound by contracts of employment and have codes of practise that must be followed.

Working relationships are professional based. The repressibility of a support (care) worker is to deliver high standard services to the individuals. This includes support for every day living. For example: Bathing and assisting individuals ( patients) with personal hygiene, dressing, oral care if necessary, and assistance with mobilising when needed and taking them to the toilet. When these duties are being carried out person’s centred values should be remembered because it helps to do what is right for the client and what the client wants.

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Before carrying the activities for the day the most important thing is to go through the clients care plans; follow the team meetings to get all the information about the clients and any changes ( handover). The good communication is very important: For example if it was arranged with the client that he or she had to have a shower, than when the time comes and they change their mind, it is on a care worker to agree with then because it is their right to change their mind. At this stage we communicate together and sort something else for other day. There are many different personal relationships that we have with in our lives and we act differently to each of those it may be from a family relationship or a work friendship. It is the same with our working relationship with the individuals that we meet, some over step the boundaries and turn into friendships. In a working relationship I am in a relationship with someone because it is my job, where as a family or friend relationship is built upon a different reason. In my job I may also have relations between other professionals or work colleagues which is necessary as it is a part of the job and in the interest to the people I care for.

Personal relationships are based on emotions and are usually informal. You often share support between each other and feelings and thoughts as you can be who you are with family and friends. Personal relationship can also involve doing things together outside of work. A small summery:What is a working relationship? A working relationship is with the people we work. This could be our line manager, colleagues, clients or their families.

What is a personal relationship?- personal relationship is with friends and family. There is no code of conduct or rules that are set out. 1.

2 Describe different working relationships in care settingsThere are many different working relationships with in the health and social care settings:Colleagues:- people that we work with in a professional capacity, which includes doctors, nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, healthcare assistances, and anyone else employed by trust.Patient relatives- people who are related or support the patience. Other members of public- these could be people in community etc.

The care assistant role is to make sure that every support they give to patience and individuals is according to their agreed care-plan. It is their role and responsibility to provide the client with good quality of care. They can only do this by involving the individuals (patience) in decision making and encourage them to participate but also give the feedback about the service they are given. It is their role to Keep communicating- for example talk to patients about their life or whatever subject they are interested in.

Example: Patience need support from healthcare assistant so they can participate fully every day ( daily activities like: being assisted with mobilising, encouraged and prompted with food and fluid intake, having physiotherapy session and going to the gym, being assisted to the dinning room for lunch which is good for socialising as well, being encouraged with personal hygiene etc). Each type of relationship will develop in different ways and some will be more formal than others. For example: For example, you wouldn’t greet or speak to a doctor in the same way you would a colleague or member of the public.

However, it is important that within the work setting especially when but not because your wearing uniform that we maintain a level of professionalism at all time. 2.1 Describe why it is important to adhere to the agreed scope of the job roleIt is important to adhere to the agreed scope of the job role as this sets out boundaries in my job role, enables me to know my role and responsibilities. Knowing my own level of competence and skills, knowing my job description enabling myself to carry out the care and knowledge required to set good care within the Health and Social care. 3.

1 Explain why it is important to work in partnership with othersAs a health care worker, it is essential and important to me to be an effective and a good team member and work in partnership with al the people I am surrounded by. This will ensure that me and my colleagues are providing the best possible care for our patience. Effective partnership is about good teamwork and in order for it to work well it requires some basic ground rules ( purpose, objectives, decision making, sharing information, resolving conflict etc). It is very important for me to work in partnership with colleagues and other people. Working in partnership with others as I mentioned before, can give the patients the best possible care, to get help and support, to provide effective practise and to have a happy team that I work with. For example on many occasions nurses will contact the doctor or pharmacist to discuss medication or any other health issues.

Other example is that I would contact physiotherapist to find out if there is any changes or how to move or handle the patient. Than occupational therapists would let us know if the patients are ready with their home environment, what equipment should be used or is installed, and is their living environment adapted. Communication is very important as well when working in the partnership with others. By working together and forming a good team ( partnership) the more the individual patient or client will benefit and they will receive better care.


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