Reference action this procedure is referring to

Reference to the above research we can note that it include some hallmark and some characteristic for instance the company concentrate in identifying a clear defined variable that determine and pinpoint the specific problem to take the related corrective action this procedure is referring to a characteristic element of “Purposiveness”. Wherein the researchers developed a theoretical base from a literature review and they were determined and sharp which refer to a characteristic element of “Rigor”, The most important factor which has taken by the researchers is collected relevant detailed information from a sample of 100 customers, and analyzed the data which refer to a distinguishing characteristic of hallmark by “replicability” the results of the tests of hypotheses should be supported again and yet again when the same type of research is repeated in other similar circumstances in the same point referring to generate hypothetical statement and data testing to proceed testability characteristic.Confidence it’s another hallmark element that refer to the way of measurement for a phenomenon which shouldn’t be less than 75% to be confident of the research results therefore the researchers expected 85% in our case which will lead to findings to be as close to reality which refer to the probability that our estimations are correct and the greater the confidence we have in our research results, the more useful and scientific the findings become.Wherein researchers are also proceed a solid frame work of (P.D, Lit.Review, R.D, data collection, analysis and conclusion) all steps in relevant to each other so they took in their consideration the objectivity.


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