Recent textile dye under sunlight irradiation. The

Recent research advised that MOFs have been utilized as photocatalysts 30. The photocatalysis by MOFs is achieved by the electron transfer from the photo-excited organic ligands to metal clusters within MOFs, which is termed as ligand to cluster cost transfer (LCCT) as shown in (Fig. 11). Photocatalytic activity of ZIF-8 and its modified derivatives have been currently explored. Jing et al.

used ZIF-8 particles as photocatalyst to decompose the methylene blue (MB) under UV irradiation. ZIF-8 photocatalyst showed magnificent photocatalytic activity for methylene blue (MB) degradation under UV irradiation, which was evidenced through the detection of hydroxyl radicals by way of a fluorescence approach 12. Thanh et al.

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utilized iron (II) doped ZIF-8 as photocatalyst to degrade Remazol deep black B (RDB) textile dye under sunlight irradiation. The pristine or undoped ZIF-8 did not catalyse the degradation of RDB, while the doped (Fe-ZIF-8) exhibited a remarkable sunlight-driven photocatalytic degradation of RDB 30. [email protected] imidazole frameworks-8 ([email protected]) photocatalyst exhibited high photostability and excellent photocatalytic degradation of RhB, 98.17% RhB was degraded after 12 min of UV irradiation as reported by Yang et al


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