Receiving young professionals.” The results have proven that

Receiving help from of the world’s leading financial institutions may have been complicated and unclear in the past. Well Bank of America has found a way to connect with the younger clients.

Allowing the young adult clients to find help with experts to fulfill their financial goals. In this article about Bank of America it mentions how young professionals are practicing smart financial habits. “Better Money Habits, Bank of America’s free financial education platform, released today the “Better Money Habits 50 Under $50K” list,” which was mentioned in this article. This list was obtained from information on 50 young professionals who made $50,000 or less a year. This article notes that “Each of the individuals recognized is profiled at 50Under50k.

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com, where their financial tips are also featured.” Andrew Plepler said, “the list was designed to focus on a diverse group of young professionals.” The results have proven that other generations before the millennials weren’t at the same levels of saving and budgeting their finances like the millennials are. Bank of America serves about 67 million consumer and small business clients; this cooperation meets their needs with over more than 4,000 financial centers and 16,000 ATMs worldwide. Bank of America has one of the best online digital banking systems and has more than 30 million active clients using it. This great cooperation offers excellent leading support to the small business owners that are their clients and make it easy for them to navigate through the. Easy online services to meet their needs when financial centers are closed.

“The company serves clients through operations across the United States, its territories and more than 35 countries,” was said in the article. Although, we all know there is new innovations and technology. Clients want to make sure they conduct businesses that stay with the times and with their client’s needs. Bank of America has done that while most importantly keeping their clients pleased. We all want the business that helps us as clients understand the product that we want and help us reach our goals.


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