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Report Title
“General Banking Activities of Janata Bank Ltd:
An emphasis on online banking.”

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In banking sector, information technology has become the major fact for future development of
financial service industry. Banking activities is basically based on sharing of information for
acquiring information about clients, analyzing the collected data and communicating the data
through the channel. For doing all these activities, usage of information technology is essential
for banking sector. Because it enables the banking sector to take competitive advantages over the
competitors by innovating new and differentiate services and by providing the best services to
their respective customers. Now banking sector has been changed by the improvement of
technology system used in providing services to their clients. Electronic banking called E-
banking as short form has opened a new window in the banking industry. Through the E-banking
system, banks become able to provide services to their clients in a faster way. Online banking is
one of the major wings of the Electronic banking system. Online banking simply refers to any
branch banking through internet based communication system. By adopting the online banking
service system, banking and non-banking institutions have improved dynamically in their overall
service system. Online banking system has become the focus point of the general clients, local
traders, domestic manufacturer, remittance sender and international traders because it not only
saves the time and cost of the transaction but also provides the ever quick services with full
security. Janata Bank Limited as a state owned commercial bank provides a wide range of
general banking services along with online banking services. In this report, the online services
provided by JBL are overviewed in details and a comparative analysis among different bank has
been conducted to represent the current status of online banking system in banking sector of
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After the completion of one-year and two semesters academic MBA program I, Rebeka Sultana,
student of Dhaka University, Bangladesh was placed in Janata Bank Limited (JBL), at Rajarbagh
Corporate Branch for the three month Internship Program. As a requirement for the completion
of the program a report based on my practical and theoretical knowledge gathered from the bank
should be submitted. The internship report will be titled as “General Banking Activities of
Janata Bank Limited: An Emphasis on Online Banking.”
1.2-Rationale of the report:
This internship report is rationalized as a part of the fulfillment of the Masters of Business
Administration (MBA) program of department of accounting and information systems,
university of Dhaka. This is a compulsory part for the completion of the MBA program and it
carries two credit as well. The whole internship program is supervised by an honorable faculty of
the department who provides the necessary guidelines to complete the report. So this is a very
good platform for the fresher’s who will soon enter into the corporate life to apply theoretical
knowledge and gather practical experience to expose their excellency in professional life.
1.3-Scope of the report:
In this report the main focus is on the online banking services provided by Janata Bank Limited
(JBL). For this purpose this also covers the general banking activities of JBL, especially of the
Rajarbagh corporate branch. Those activities includes account opening, account closing, deposit
collection, trade loan lending, cheques issuing, cash section, clearing and remittance etc. This
report is mainly aimed to identify the online services like online bill payment, online clearing,
online transaction within inter-branch of the bank and with other banks.
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1.4-Limitations of the report:
There is nothing that can be done with hundred percent perfection and satisfaction. Each work,
especially a research work has some flaws that need further research. The limitations of this
study are identified as follows:
? Time constraint : less than three month time period is not that much enough to gather
the practical knowledge about any organization specially in banking sector;
? Confidentiality: the respective personnel of the IT department and other department was
not able to provide all information and documents required for the study because of
confidential issues;
? Work load of the officials: the official have to be very busy with their daily work.
Although they were very cooperative and helpful, they could not provide sufficient time
for their work load;
? Lack of experience: it was my first corporate life experience and I was not much
familiar with the environment, in-experience is one of the major factors that consist the
limitation of the report.
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The Approach
Literature Review
with Supervisor
a) Bank website
b) Annual Reports
c)working papers
Analysis and
preparation of report
Primary Resources:
a) Official documents of Janata
b) Face to face conversation
with employees of the branch1.5- Flow chart of the study :
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2.1-Literature Review:
Almost in every country in the world, in banking sector especially in retail banking services,
online banking has become a buzz word. Countries with developed information technology
systems, developed countries like UK, USA, China, Japan, Europe, India, Ireland etc. has
adopted the online banking systems as the easiest and smartest way of retail banking services
provided to their clients. To make the report more informative and supportive, number of reports
and articles published in renowned journals, has been studied and the findings of those papers are
summarized here as follows.
(S. Chong, 2001) analyzed that online banking is more articulated in the U.S.A, where non-bank
money related specialist co-ops have influenced huge advances into banks' customary to turf.
However, U.S.A, banks are perched on the sidelines, holding onto online banking to a great
extent as a protective procedure. Online banking in Japan has been to a great extent restricted to
the local client base. European banks have utilized online banking for cross-outskirt
development, combination and rivalry. In any case, online banking in the European Union with a
solitary cash raises administrative and specialized issues. This paper is an advance report on the
territory of online retail banking in the U.S.A, Japan and Europe. Why have banks grasped cyber
technology? How have they reacted in their online business technique? What administrative
issues emerge from electronic and online banking in the European Union when national
monetary forms change over into Euro?
(Aladwani, 2001) in his study concluded that online banking is the most up to date and slightest
comprehended conveyance channel for retail online banking services . However, hardly any,
considers were accounted for measuring the issues applicable to this bleeding edge innovation.
This paper reports the aftereffects of a quantitative investigation of the impression of banks'
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official and IT directors and potential clients with respect to the drivers, advancement
difficulties, and desires of online banking. The discoveries will be valuable for the two analysts
and professionals who try to comprehend the issues significant to online banking.
(Elizabeth, 2007) found that the association's vision without bounds, their expectation of client
acknowledgment, which has a tendency to be low, and their authoritative culture of advancement
are the most critical of the proposed factors in their selection of electronic conveyance.
(Laforet, 2009) in his paper stated that Chinese online banking service clients were
overwhelmingly males, not really youthful and exceedingly educated, conversely with the
electronic bank clients in the West. The issue of security was observed to be the most essential
factor that propelled Chinese consumer adoption of online banking. Main obstacles of online
banking were the view of dangers, PC and mechanical abilities and Chinese customary cash ?
carry managing an account culture. The obstructions to versatile managing an account selection
were absence of mindfulness and comprehension of the advantages gave by portable saving
(Aldas-Manzano, 2011) the case study resulted that Consumer inventiveness as a key develop to
enhance e ? banking appropriation both straightforwardly and by its successful part in decreasing
purchaser chance impression of utilizing web direct in the budgetary administrations context.
Practical rules are given to bank administrators on the most proficient method to utilize buyer
creativity level as a division variable to build the utilization of online banking among genuine
clients who are non-clients or light clients of the electronic channel.
(M.K. Roy ; Bhuiyan, 2011) argued that the relationship among the variables at the individual
client level of investigation as opposed to at the hierarchical level. Besides, this examination
accentuated the part of employee bolster in the administration process also, recognizes its
immediate and aberrant impacts that has been an irrelevant issue similarly as consideration on
endeavors in the administrations was concerned.
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(G. Sharma, 2016) in his paper showed that 423.5 million individuals got access to online
banking sites worldwide amid April 2012, coming to 28.7 percent of the assistant group of
onlookers. 45 percent of the internet audience in North America got to bank locales, an
increment of 1.2 rate focuses, making it the best area for these locales. Europe positioned second
by entrance (37.8 percent reach) with Latin America (25.1 percent) gathering together the main
three. Asia Pacific saw the most grounded development rate of 5.1 rate focuses to 22.0 percent of
the web group of onlookers getting to bank destinations in April 2012.
(M.Rahman et. al, 2017) argued that 81% individuals utilize online banking services who were
for the most part youngsters and 19% doesn't utilize these administrations who fundamentally
close about or over the age of 50 years. Out of 83 male respondents 69 male respondents were
utilizing online banking services and 14 male doesn't utilizes these services. Out of 17 female
respondents 12 female respondents utilize online banking however just 5 female respondents
doesn't utilize online banking. What's more, we additionally watched that the majority of the
respondents were between 25 to 35 age levels that is 58%, 14% from 35 to 40 years age, 10%
from 45 to 50 years age and 9% from 20 to 25 years age. Most extreme individuals were utilizing
both ATM and check book (right around 35%), just ATM (very nearly 27%), and these three
items ATM, Check Book and Mobile Banking (just about 19%) services. Other e-banking
services like online banking, internet payment gateway, and POS terminal were not that much
mainstream. Individuals utilize online banking benefits mostly for time investment funds (right
around 80% individuals were concurred about without a moment to spare administration). Be
that as it may, individuals were not fulfilled by utilizing online banking services. From authors
overview they watched that just about 76% individuals were not fulfilled about foundation
improvement of online banking. The fundamental difficulties of online banking were information
hindrances (right around 68% individuals concurred about learning is connected with e-keeping
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hmoney), extortion falsification (very nearly 73% were firmly concurred), taken a toll, socio-
cultural boundaries, legitimate and security hindrances.
3.1-Core values of JBL:
Figure- Core values of JBL
Source-JBL Annual Report 2017, page-11
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Good Quality
Diversified earningscountry-wide networkGovt. OwnedDynamic BODExperienced Management Major competitive strength of JBL
Source- Credit Rating Report, 11 May, 2018

5.1- Development of Online Banking in Bangladesh:
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Pacing with the advancement of the usage of information technology in banking sector of
many developed and developing countries, Bangladeshi banking sector also introduced
the new advancement of electronic-banking system. Online banking is one of the major
wings of E-banking system. To make the transaction easier and more confidential,
banking sector introduced the online banking services. Through this system of E-banking,
bankers are being able to provide banking services to their clients quickly in a better way.
The task of introducing online banking in Bangladesh was not that much smooth, because
it requires a long term procedure to digitalize the banking sector. Since 2001, e-banking
has been available in Bangladesh. According to the results of a study conducted by a
renewed researcher, 29 banks out of 48 banks have offered online banking services at the
beginning stage. (Rahaman, 2007)
Gradually, worldwide standard online banking services have been expanded in
Bangladesh. Now banks offer any branch banking service through their individual bank
online system that offers facilities like exchange through any branch under the particular
bank online system; installment against paid request or pay arrange encashment, request
draft encashment, opening or recovery of FDR from any branch of a similar bank; remote
store exchange, money withdrawal, money store, account explanation, clearing
furthermore, adjust enquiry inside branches of a similar bank; what's more, L/C opening,
advance reimbursement office to and from any branch of separate bank under its own
particular online system. The government's accentuation on building a digital
Bangladesh, setting up an ICT stop, raising designation for creating ICT foundation,
deferring charges on PC peripherals and different measures, including the automation
program of banking sector have lit up the possibilities of online banking.
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? Infrastructure of Online Banking in BD:
For the appropriate implementation of online banking system in banking sector of
Bangladesh, proper software, infrastructure, legal framework and adequate skilled
manpower are essential. For the growth of online banking system, internet penetration is
one of the major sector. The beginning stage of online banking service at any branch of
any bank requires at least 30% usage of internet among the customers. The structure of
online banking system in Bangladeshi banking sector is basically comprised of the
i. Mobile Banking – Online banking has gone mobile with the introduction
of smartphone apps by the respective banks. Now, instead of having to sit
in front of a computer to conduct a bank transactions, the customer can
perform the transactions through the smartphone by using the apps from
anywhere in the world as long as the customer have access to the Internet.
One may be at one’s favorite coffee shop and pay bills through mobile
apps facility of online banking system.
ii. Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) -is a system used by the Central
Bank of the country to settle and transfer funds to the other countries’
central banks. In this system, fund transfer is based on real time basis
without waiting for the debit-credit transaction between the parties.
iii. Credit Inter-bank Transaction (CIBT)- this is an inter-bank online
transaction system through which each branch of the same bank and other
banks can make transaction. There is no binding whether the bank should
be public or private, any branch of any bank with CIBT system can do
this. If the transaction is done between two different branches of the
different banks, then the parental bank will receive some commission for
the other bank. The transaction amount limit in such system is confined to
one hundred thousand-ten hundred thousand. This system has been
already introduced and implemented in many banks of Bangladesh.
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5.2- Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Banking:
Client dependably requests better services, security, and round the clock banking.
Banking division are thinking about client needs and request in the principal line of
inclination. Besides, attempting to offer and present the requested services by the Bank
and changing their offering in view of the necessities of present and potential clients,
online banking system have done a great improvement in banking sector of Bangladesh.
The advantages of online banking systems are identified as given as following:
? Providing a powerful value adding tool to attract and retain potential customers;
? Reducing paper handling procedures high cost;
? Eliminating frequency of teller interactions in an increasingly competitive
banking environment;
? Increasing financial institutions’ ability to retain and expand their online based
? Providing the best real time banking service through any branch banking
? Offering easier and convenient fund transfer through online transaction system;
? Reducing the paper work and official formalities in transacting money;
? Providing the best security through cyber protection system;
? Maintaining the confidentiality of clients’ information in a better way;
? Saving the time of the busy clients by making transaction through mobile apps;
? Providing 24/7 account and service access to the online registered clients;
? Providing convenient online utility bill payment services;
? Providing free online account checking service which makes the banking more
convenient to the customers staying anywhere;
? Performing banking activities without driving down to a bank or waiting in line;
? Connecting the customers globally through online transaction system.
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Although online banking system has been providing many advancements in banking
sector of Bangladesh, it has numerous drawbacks that can’t be over sighted. The
following disadvantages of online banking system are identified:
? Lack of skilled and highly qualified management team to maintain the online
banking activities;
? Lack of international standard online communication channel;
? Lack of appropriate strategic plan to gain and retain local banks’ market share;
? Lack of integrated strategic plan and policy between the central bank authority
and the banks;
? Relatively higher price of online software and higher establishment cost of
software installation;
? Lack of knowledge and awareness among the customers about the online
transaction security;
? Involving in different types of financial risks and security risks;
? Legal barriers and inadequate policy framework.
? Increase the possibility of money laundering in many extent;
? Increase the number of online fraudulent through unauthorized access by the
5.3- Bangladesh Bank Guidelines for online Banking:
By actualizing the Vision 2021, Bangladesh will have a countrywide ICT network and
high-speed information flow between center and periphery. The advancement in banking
sector also contributes in this achievement.
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Bangladesh Bank, being the main financial authority of the country, is at the forefront of
the government’s firm drive to digitize the banking sector of the country. BB has already
formulated a 5-year strategic plan for the banking sector based on advanced technological
applications (online banking system) to provide services with best efficiency. The
ultimate objective is to make Bangladeshi banking sector a world-class banking sector
with high implementations of technologies. In fact, within this plan period the banking
sector will be transformed into a paperless financial sector.
A historic milestone in the trade and business arena has been achieved by BB with the
introduction of E-banking system; a great step towards digital Bangladesh. Banks have
been allowed to make online transactions, utility bills payment through online, online
fund transfer (account to account), payments for trading goods and services, and facilitate
online credit card payments in local currency. Another remarkable event in the history of
the banking sector of Bangladesh is the installation of Bangladesh Automated Clearing
House (BACH). It will simplify the remittance channel and payment system and,
therefore, bring dynamism in banking activities.
The following rules and regulations are annunciated by Bangladesh Bank (BB) to guide
the online banking activities of different state owned commercial banks and private
commercial banks. The rules and guidelines are as given as follows:
? Bangladesh Real-Time Gross Settlement (BD RTGS) system rules 2017;
? Bangladesh Payment and Settlement Systems regulations 2014;
? Regulations on Electronic Fund Transfer 2014;
? Payment and Settlement Systems regulations 2009;
? Bangladesh Electronic Fund Transfer Network (BEFTN) operating rules 2009;
? NPSB Switch Operating Rules and User Manual: Dispute Management rules.
Besides, having all this regulations Bangladeshi banking sector has an Online Credit
Information Bureau (CIB) to report the online credit rating of a bank. Online Credit
Bureau has established strong online connectivity between CIB of BB and head offices
of all banks and financial institutions. By Online CIB the extent of default loan of banks
and financial institutions can be minimized with credit reports of the loan applicants very
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In order to prevent the fraudulent in online foreign exchange trading, BB has taken an
exemplary step by announcing the following notice in its websites.
5.4-Janata Bank Limited (JBL) Online Services:
As the second largest state owned commercial bank of Bangladesh, JBL performs
different kinds of general banking activities. It also provides many types of services to its
clients through online branches. JBL has set up its own website and internet baking server
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system to provide online services. It has also launched its own smartphone apps to
operate the online banking activities. By using this system of JBL, the clients having
online registration and password can get the following services:
? Online balance checking service;
? Online new account opening service;
? Online fund transfer to any account from the clients account;
? Online bill payment at anytime from anywhere;
? Online clearing service;
? Online updating of customer information;
? Appling for demand draft.

To operate and monitor the online services provided by JBL, a core software named T24
is widely used in all of the branches. There is also a user manual for using the software by
the IT department’s officials. There are also some well-qualified officers in each branch
to operate the software and overall online banking activities of the respective branches.
5.5-Different banks online banking service in Bangladesh:
One of the most important and leading economic sectors of Bangladesh economy is the banking
sector. In Bangladesh, the banking sector consists of several types of institution. These are
central bank, scheduled banks, non-scheduled banks, state owned banks, private commercial
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banks, Islamic commercial private banks, foreign commercial banks, non-bank financial institute
and specialized financial institutions. At present there are seven state owned banks, thirty-one
private commercial banks, eight Islamic commercial private banks, ten foreign commercial
banks, thirty-five non-bank financial institute and two specialized financial institutions.
With the development and rapid usages of technology in banking sector, Bangladesh also adapt
the use of technology in banking sector. And the results are electronic banking, internet banking,
mobile banking and online banking. At first online banking services was introduced to and
provided by private commercial banks only. But now due to the effective attempts of Bangladesh
Bank both private and public sectors are providing this service to their respective clients.
Although these banks whether public or private providing the similar services, the policy of each
bank is different. Here some of them are analyzed as per their similar services with different
? Dutch Bangla Bank Limited(DBBL):
This bank is regarded as the pioneer of online banking in Bangladesh. It has proudly
introduced the ground-breaking “Two Factor Authentication Security Solution (2FA)”
which makes the online banking system secure and convenient. Because this protects the
unauthorized access to the clients account. Through this service system, DBBL provides
their customer the following services: account summary, account check, fund transfer,
third party transaction, bill payment, stop/cancel payment instantly, statement request and
mini statement withdrawal etc.
? Standard Chartered Bank Limited(SCBL):
The online banking services provided by SCBL allows its customers to bank from
anywhere, anytime with full confidentiality and security. Surprisingly the service is
totally free of cost. SCBL has maintained some differentiate guidelines in this regard.
These are as given as follows:
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? Instant Fund Transfer(IFT): From Standard Chartered account to Standard
Chartered account Daily Transfer limit = BDT 5lacs;
? General Fund Transfer(GFT): From Standard Chartered account to any BEFTN
member bank account Daily Transfer limit = BDT 5lacs;
? Online Bill Payment (OBP): From Standard Chartered account to any other
banks account through telecom operators GrameenPhone, Robi, Banglalink,
Airtle, Citicell.
This bank also provides online banking a smatter way by launching its on aps named
as “Standard Chartered Mobile (MY), which is currently available at google play
store and very easy to operate for its accountholder clients and other.
? Sonali Bank Limited (SBL):
In the arena of public sector, Sonali bank has perhaps the largest number of branches
providing online banking services. The present number of branches under the online Any
Branch Banking (ABB) network is 1210. The bank is also working on connecting all the
branches in Real-time online banking network. Branches having Any Branch Banking
(ABB) network are also rendering SMS banking services.
? Rupali Bank Limited (RBL):
RBL has already brought its all branches under online banking network. From now RBL
clients will be able to have transaction services through online network from anywhere of
Bangladesh at any time. To ensure greater customer satisfaction along with transparency
and efficiency and to modernize its services, RBL has introduced All Out Automation
(AOA) system in all banking activities. Through online banking services provided by
RBL, its account holders of all 563 branches will get access to all monetary transactions.
? BRAC Bank Limited (BBL):
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BBL is one of the pioneer bank in online banking service provider in Bangladesh. To
ensure the transferability of information between customer’s computer and its own server,
BRAC bank uses the most advanced commercially available Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
encryption technology. After registration for online service, customer need a Two Factor
Authentication (2FA) to generate a random OTP (one time password) through which the
customer can login from anywhere at any time. In this regard 2FA works as a hardware
token or software token for successful transaction.

? Prime Bank Limited (PBL):
To provide online banking service, PBL has set up a Wide Area Network (WAN)
throughout the country. Under this system, accountholder of any branch can be able to
make online transaction to any other branch of the bank. The client has can be able to do
the following types transaction:
? Cash deposit the clients’ account at any branch of the bank irrespective of
? Cash withdrawal from the clients’ account at any branch of the bank irrespective
of location;
? Cash deposit in other’s account at any branch of the bank irrespective of location;
? Transfer of money from the clients’ account with any branch of the bank.
? Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL):
Online banking services have been provided by IBBL since 2006. Being the largest in
online banking service provider, it’s providing better customer services to its all clients. It
requires some formalities for its clients to get the online services. That is the registration
of the accountholder at his/her respective branch. IBBL does not simply refer online
banking as internet banking, it means it Any Branch Banking (ABB) service. IBBL
provides cash deposit, cash withdrawal, fund transfer, balance inquiry, account statement,
investment recovery services under online banking network. The regulations of IBBL in
this aspect are so much strict than others. The guidelines in regard of online banking
services of IBBL are given as follows:
? No limit for cash deposit and fund transfer;
? Cash withdrawal transfer limit = 1lacs per day per account ;
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? Rates and VAT for cash deposit, withdrawal and fund transfer from customer
accounts will be recovered as per the following rules:
Within the district
Cash deposit/withdrawal/ charges
transfer amount
Upto tk.20,000 tk.15
Above tk.20,000 tk.15+0.20 for
Next per thousand
Maximum online charge tk.1,500
Inter District
Cash deposit/withdrawal/ charges
transfer amount
Upto tk.20,000 tk.20
Above tk.20,000 tk.20+0.30 for next
Per thousand
Maximum online charges tk.2,500
Within the Divisional city area
Cash deposit/withdrawal/
Transfer amount charges
Upto tk.1lacs Free of cost, but not
More than twice in a
? Dhaka Bank Limited (DBL):
DBL has introduced online banking service in 2010 by launching online real time
services in its 37 branches at preliminary stage. Now DBL bring its 83 branches including
Islamic banking branches under computerization system to provide its clients online
banking services. Through an agreement with Inf Sys Technologies Limited, DBL has
installed the world reputed banking software “FINACLE” to provide its clients best
online real time banking services.
? Eastern Bank Limited (EBL):
EBL provides its clients online banking services to help them stay connected to their
accounts from anywhere through internet access. This bank it up its own official serve
named “Quickbook” to provide direct banking service via online. Clients of the bank can
get easy access to this server by getting a personal password and be able to receive the
following online services provided by EBL:
? Account balance check and login banking activities from anywhere at any time;
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? Bill payment through online;
? Fund transfer between EBL account and other account owned by the clients in
other banks or financial institution;
? View the front and back images of the check written by the clients;
? Electronic account statement receipt at any time.
The largest non-banking financial institution of Bangladesh also provides online trading
services to its clients and customers. In this regard, customers need to get registration to
receive the services. After registration customers are provided a CIF (customer
information) code and a unique password to get access to the online trading service of
IDLC. It provides the following online trading services:
5.6-Comparative analysis among five banks:
For the analytical purpose, with the major bank-from public sector “Janata Bank Limited (JBL)”
which on basically the report has been conducted, another four banks has been picked from other
two segments. From private sector Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL) which one is
considered as the pioneer in online banking in Bangladesh has been selected. From other local
commercial banks Dhaka Bank and Eastern Bank Limited (EBL) have been selected and from
foreign bank Standard Chartered Bank Limited (SCBL) has been chosen.
Particulars JBL DBBL Dhaka Bank EBL SCBL
No. of
branches 898 96 83 49 25
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No. of ATM 20 1295 24 74 48
No. of
SWIFT code 45 12 19 23 17
Core banking
software JANBBDDH Flexcube Flexcube Oracle
Flexcube UBS eBBS
software T24 Flexcube Flexcube Flexcube iBanking
software J smart CISCO System IVR
Various cards Q-cash ( Debit
and credit
card) Card Suite
(AIX, Oracle) CARDPRO Trans Maser
for prepaid
debit and credit
card eCAPS

Source: Respective Banks website
During this internship program, different sectors’ works and different policy of customer
service have been observed. Based on these observations the following findings are
figured out about the overall general banking activities of Janata Bank Limited (JBL).
? JBL, as a state own commercial bank, follows all the regulations set up by
Bangladesh Bank in performing banking activities;
? JBL banking policy complies with the Bangladesh Bank guidelines in this regard;
? The traditional banking system of JBL has gradually taken under real time banking
? JBL reduces the lengthy process of cheque issuance, pay order and bank draft;
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? The account opening form contains some unnecessary information which kill
customer valuable time;
? Customers are provided 24/7 hour service through its online banking system;
? JBL makes remarkable contribution in the development of educational institutions
and NGO sector through its CSR program;
? JBL introduces the advanced technology of e-banking system in all branches by
launching online banking services;
? JBL faces a shortage of skilled and well-trained employees in IT sector;
? New software installation and its usages also create some problems for JBL;
? JBL official website need to be updated with recent information about its banking
? Cyber security of JBL server system need mere attention to make the best security

In the light of the findings of the report, the following factors are recommended for
further research:
? The account opening form should be reformed with the quality information
to point out only the necessary information about the clients;
? The complexity regarding introducer in opening a new account should be
? The employees should be provided more training program to be skilled in
specific sector;
? Bank should developed the IT sector to provide online banking system in a
better way;
? More specialized IT persons should be recruited to enhance the IT
? More workshop and development program should be arranged to improve
efficiency of the employees;
? Effective communication among the branches and the central server system
should be ensured;
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? Bank should be more careful about the cyber security system to prevent
online fraud.
In the economy of Bangladesh, the contribution of banking sector is remarkable and
praise able. Each fiscal year the government collect a huge amount of money in terms
of revenue from banking sector. Thus, banking sector play a vital role in developing the
growth of gross domestic income of the economy. Janata Bank Limited (JBL) is one of
the leading state owned commercial bank, also contributes to this improvement of the
economy. It has introduced a new arena in the field of innovative and creative banking
sector by introducing the online banking system. It ensures quality online services to the
customer through its own server system directly connecting with the central server
system of Bangladesh Bank. It has made a tremendous changes in the banking sector of
Bangladesh. In the general banking sides, JBL is doing very well but the online banking
system need more attention. If JBL will become more proactive and responsive to the
new advancement of information technology, there are possibilities to lead the whole
banking sector in this aspect. JBL has a very potential profile in this field. The three
month journey with JBL is remember able and it will help in many ways in building the
career in banking sector. Wish a very healthy and successful business profile of Janata
Bank Limited (JBL).
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