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Quick Response codes also known as QR codes are becoming extremely popular in the technology industry. QR codes is defined by the oxford dictionary as a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used to store URLs or other information for reading by the camera of a smartphone. Quick Response codes were first introduced by Denso Wave during 1994.

It was used to enhance decoding speed and the ability to hold large amount of information. These codes are growing rapidly in the marketing and ecommerce community. According to an article by OpenJaw (1) the rise of QR code usage is targeted in Asian countries especially China.

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Unlike any other country China has 900 million active consumers a month using a popular worldwide application called WeChat. This application contains many functions one in particular is its use of QR codes for payment transactions, marketing and user identification. A downside to this application would be its functionality outside of China.

This app will only operate at its full potential if the user has a Chinese credit card and a Chinese phone number otherwise it is just another social media application. For a business, it is important to understand its market and acknowledge the connection with its consumers. Flexibly is the key to a successful business, by implementing technology into the food and drink industry we are able to establish this connection. An application that captures user detail and functions subjected to flexibility like diary free, gluten free, vegetarian or vegan. We can build a trusted foundation between the producer and consumer. Point of Sale (POS) systems contains tools that are essential to businesses that handles sales reporting, customer management, Inventory management and employee management.

POS can provide store manager with information that increases business efficiency.


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