Quantitative properties such as polls or questionnaires, sample

Quantitative Research:Quantitative research produces numerical data or information that can be changed into figures. It is a structured way of gathering and analyzing data get from different means. That research uses computational, statistical and mathematical instruments to have results. As far as its types are concerned these are Survey research, cross sectional service, longitudinal service, correlational research. It has also distant properties such as polls or questionnaires, sample size, charts and graphs or any other non-numerical form.

There are different advantages and dis advantages.Advantages of Quantitative Research:Collects reliable and resize data because numbers do not lie and they show us actual image of the conducted research without any contradiction.Wider scope of data analyses: Due to the statistics, this research method provide a wide scope of data collection.Illuminate bias: It does not offer no scope for personal comments or biasing of results. The results achieved are numerical and fair in most cases.

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Finalizes results: That research is a great method to finalize results & disprove or prove a hypothesis. It is useful for testing results gotten from doing qualitative different qualitative experiments, there by reading to the final answer.One of the advantage is that when the research data is collated because it is simply based on number and it became easier to collate and placed together into a form of chart.

It provides clear statistical data for large sample sizes which translates to more generalizability over the population being studied.Disadvantages of Quantitative Research:Lack of sources: Quantitative research requires a large sample size but due to the lack of resources this research become impossible.Expensive and time consuming: It is difficult, expensive and needs a lot of time to analyses the result.Questioners in this research are usually pre-coded and they don’t have depth and inside of the qualitative study.Another disadvantage of this type of research is that the feeling, emotions, motives and opinions of the subject being interviewed are not taken in to account during data analyses.Individuals may face a lot of expenses when tracking their targeted research, which includes spending money on travel/related food, lodging and transportation.That research does not study things in a natural setting or discuss the meaning thing have for different people.

The data set collected through that research sometime might be much narrower and superficial to be relied upon.Qualitative Research:This research is used to get deep understanding of social, happenings in the natural setting. Its main focus is not only about what people are thinking but it also highlights another aspects why they think so.

That research involves different methods that are used to gather the data, one-on-one interview, focus group, ethnographic research and case study research. Its stresses on the three important areas like individuals, societies and cultures and language and communication. This research has also following advantages and disadvantages:Advantages of Qualitative Research:One-on-one interview is one of the advantages of this procedure that gives a good opportunity to the research workers so they could collect detailed information from individuals. The usage of smaller sample sizes help the researcher to complete its project rapidly. This procedure helps to get fastest result.

It also safe the money due to the smaller sample sizes.It has open-ended method because that method make it possible to have individuals, external and emotional responses.That method has flexibility because researchers have permission to go in depth for collecting the data.In that research collecting the information is formed on the quality and quantity rather than on a fixed design.

Qualitative research focuses on the small groups which is usually less expensive then quantitative research.Disadvantage of Qualitative Research:The collected information cannot be used to have pre supposition beyond the current group of participant because of the specific information.The data which is provided by this research is non statistical narration which is difficult and impossible for the researcher to clarify findings and observations.

Breaking down the data is time taking due to its size.In this method researcher skills are the important factor and because of it research can be affected by the personal biases of the researchers.The data collection in this research is highly subjective that is not for the process because of it the data can be wrong and incorrect.Due to the subjective nature of the data that is gather in this research, conclusion are not always accepted by the scientific society.Complain about the accuracy of data collection are common because distinct results may be achieved on another day from separate peoples.Mixed Method Research:Mixed method research is a strategy for conducting research that involves collecting, examining and combining quantitative and qualitative research.

Mixed method approach gives us following advantages:Advantages of Mixed Method:The use of this method gives stability that balance the deficiency of both qualitative and quantitative research. It provides precise and overall understanding of the research issue than either qualitative or quantitative alone.That approach merge synthetic and rational thinking and reasoning.With the help this method researchers can utilize words and numbers convey the result and findings and thus, attract to a wider audience.By using that strategy analyzers are able to utilize all the tools to collect more comprehensive data.Using of this method can lessen the personal biases of the researchers.

Disadvantages of Mixed Method:When the researcher go through with both approaches (qualitative and quantitative researches) he or she face difficulty in collecting accurate data.In mixed method design researcher has to learn different methods and he should know the techniques to mix each method successfully.This approach needs a lot of time because a researcher has to collect the information from both researches to give precise result.It may be difficult to plan and carried out one method by drawing on the findings of another.

It may be uncertain how to settle inconsistency that arise in the understanding of the findings. That method can be complicated and may by uncomfortable for the investigator because most of them are trained in quantitative and qualitative methods and they may want help cross over.


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