Promotion The company uses regular promotional tools, advertising

Promotion is activities that promote the merits of a product and persuade the target customer to decide to purchase it. The company uses regular promotional tools, advertising personal selling, sales promotion, direct and online marketing tools, and public relations to reach customers (Martin, 2014). The two main considerations are the target market and cost.

The best way to attract customers is to advertise. Every feature and product created by Perodua must be advertised to the public. Advertising is communication relayed from the company to convince customers in order to purchase Perodua’s product.

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Perodua can communicate through a various form of paid media, such as television and radio advertising, print advertising, and product placement. It can easy and simple to attract new tries and also increase the volume of the sales. The advertisements are placed where the advertisers believe that they will reach and achieve the most relevant customers (Mentis, 2017).

Therefore, Perodua uses advertising to drive the consumption of their products. Due to the high cost of advertising, and many manufacturers are concerned that profit cannot afford the cost. However, a successful promotion can increase sales, thereby spreading other costs across larger outputs. Increasing promotion activities are a sign of responding to issue such as competitive activities. It encourages Perodua to develop a secession of messages and is extremely cost-effective.

Perodua can use the direct marketing and techniques to maintain a relationship with its buyers before, during and between purchases. It treats advertising as a form of advertising that provided the consumer with physical marketing materials to communicate the information and details of products or services created by Perodua.


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