Product name – Flax Seed Oil Company name – Omega Nutrition Target market – Japan Prepared for Prof

Product name – Flax Seed Oil
Company name – Omega Nutrition
Target market – Japan

Prepared for
Prof. Safaa Al Shammari
IBM Section 05
St. Clair College

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Prepared by
Gursimranjit Singh 0717389
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International Business Management Program
St. Clair College


Table of Contents

6.1 Distribution Channel And key Channel Parts 2
6.2 After sales service and support 4
References 8

6.1 Distribution Channel And key Channel Parts

The company’s distributor in in Japan, name S L Japan they are managing the business since last 20 years and they have their own distribution network in entire Japan. There are individuals or organisations that are contracted to do business on one’s behalf in company for that country. Their income is usually by charging commission on goods sold and they represent the company for products. They have the idea of market scenario and the overall estimation of market which company wants to trap. Moreover, do not have the ownership of the product, they are just representative of the product provided by suppliers.
Customer order received by the exporter via agent as they deliver the goods, invoice, and collect payments directly so they are dealing with sales activities and sales network developer for the company. Depending up on the variety of products they have sole proprietorship or small structures, so they provide more focus on the product compare to other partner type can. And the exporter has more control on their sales volume and techniques, they can easily train in order to sell the product better and get success in the foreign market.
To motivate the channel partner and protect company certain issues must need attention to bind both party in a contract for betterment of trade as well as themselves that include;
• The product standardization and specifications,
• Documentation related to order, transportation, delivery of goods and payment
• Defined the definition of damage and the settlement mechanism in such situation.
• Both parties shall keep all commercially sensitive information obtained by them in the context of the Contract confidential and shall not divulge it without the written approval of the other parties. (CIDB, 2008)
• All Goods supplied shall comply with the requirements of the Scope of Work or shall conform in all respects to the sample which form part of the Contract. (CIDB, 2008)
• Submission about the progress report on certain time interval according to suitable to both the parties.
Key Channels
? Customer Service: Services to the customer is a very well established standard of satisfaction which retailer plans to give its customers. Without this services customer won’t be satisfied with the product. This services includes of getting the orders delivered soon as possible and making note of feedback for our products

? Processing Orders: As soon as the order received from customer action should be taken as quick as an order has been placed and must have the confirmation of the order’s receipt including the exact delivery time.

? Inventory: Money invested in the inventory, wear and tear and possible obsolescence of the goods with the passage of time. Inventory should be divided in fast and slow moving items. High customer services is given to fast selling items.

? Transportation: Transportation mode allows channel members to get the services at doorstep. Fast and Timely delivery, security of goods during transportation and proper care results into a good customer satisfaction.

6.2 After sales service and support
After sales service also known as after sales support for customers can be defined as any help provided by the product providers after the product has been sold. It includes various factors such as warranty service, repairs, any coupons that need to be redeemed, any upgrade or any other services. It’s is usually a part of the company’s marketing strategies, as customer support is the foremost step towards sales increasing.
Flax Seed Oil- After Sales Service and Support
Flax seed oil market is an expanding industry and will go further with its expansion in the future as well. With this the competition in the market is increasing with the increase in the industry. So the after sales and support becomes necessary as also a bigger part of the marketing strategy.
Numerous effective businesses utilize after-sales benefit techniques to solidify deals, construct client connections and develop their benefits. Giving after-sales benefit keeps your clients coming back to you.
There are various types of sales support services that are given by a flax seed oil company-
Specialized Support/Help work area: Helps with how the product should be used.
Automated Client Benefit: Gives help 24 hours a day and is accessible online Support Computerization Support: Incorporates online information bases like gatherings in which to inquire questions, its open 24/7 for any sort of information regarding the product, complaint or any possible injuries, if any caused by the product.

There are various techniques that are used to help a customer with the after sales support.
• Experts should remain in touch with the clients indeed after the bargain. Never disregard their calls.
• Any item found broken or in a harmed condition must be traded promptly by the deals proficient. Don’t bug the clients.
• Tune in to their grievances and make them feel comfortable.
• Create an area in your organization’s site where the clients can enrol their complaints.
• Each organization ought to have a toll free number where the clients can call and talk about their enquiries. The client support officers should always take control of whatever situation arises.
• Product usage on the website should be put promptly in a proper area where it is accessible, also the description area should include possible allergens in the flax oil that can harm someone.

There are also various ways lure the customer in by using certain tactics that might use after services and hence ensure a customer comes back again.

• Coupons / Gift vouchers – This is a way of saying thank you to the customer and also a way to make sure that they buy the product again and that the sale benefits them. Flax seed oil buyers will know that the product sellers are taking care of their needs as well as benefitting them, all the while delivering product that matches their expectations.
• Tutorials- Flax seed oil has many advantages and usages. All these things can be given on the website in the form of written or visual tutorials, which can help the customer whenever they need it. Also this puts a good impression as the customers know that the company cares for the needs if its consumers even after the product has been sold.
• Surveys – Surveys are the best follow up. Since flax seed oil is something that is becoming famous but yet many people don’t know the real usage or benefits.
To ensure a very well after service support there are a few steps or so called stages that can be followed by the marketer-?
1. Prompt initial help after purchase- These days anything that is wrong with the products goes out on social media before it reaches the firm. Therefore the response time to a complaint should be minimal in order to prevent chaos.
2. Consumer help with the ongoing complaints – Sometimes the support needs to be carried on for a while as the issue gets complicated, so for that the sellers need to be totally available and be on board for help without providing any inconvenience for the customers.
3. Building closer relationships- This is the last part and here if the consumer is satisfied in the last two stages, here he should be made to feel as if now he is a part of the family. This improves the consumer-seller relations. This also benefits the product through word of mouth marketing as a satisfied consumer is the best advertiser.
Therefore, in a nutshell, after sale support is as important as the pre selling and selling of the product, in order for the customer to come back, these are a few crucial after service best practices that need to be kept in mind.

Women, age 30+; non-customers of flax seed oil; financially well – off; might starting at now use other Omega 3 substances, anyway not by any means; prosperity mindful; have children or are pregnant; care about staying strong further not far off; care about their people’s prosperity. Here, we perceived motivation and relationship for the thing itself and for the advancement. This is in light of the fact that we watch the oil to be a low incorporation thing anyway we require it to look like a decision always and thusly we have to design the advancement in the high affiliation atmosphere.
This is apparently the most basic part in our method of reasoning. We watch it to be the essential sign on what we should pass on in our advancing. With the guide of our examination, we composed the going with purchaser understanding:
• People need to feel good and to be in a strong condition when they are more settled.
• Moreover, they are all things considered restless of the illnesses of our human headway and they need to hinder it.
The goal is to assemble offers of flaxseed oil by 10000. Talking simply more generally, the correspondence objective is to make check care and class require.
Key thing benefits:
• Stay sound at some point not far off
• Prevent from the civilisation ailments
• The best quality, Pureness and the most lifted proportion of Omega 3 in oil!
• Backed up by a Nobel named inspect
two central correspondence focuses to be met while executing the game plan:
– Creating brand care
– Creating class require
These approaches, close by the periodic arrangement headways and the right media mix to ensure the customer gets our message from different channels; will on a very basic level help meet our objectives. In any case, to totally execute our campaign and lift the business we furthermore unequivocally propose pondering new dispersal channels, for instance, normal stores and medication stores. The central message we have to pass on with this campaign is a reaction to the longing of our potential clients to stay sound and feel extraordinary at some point not far off.


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