Presumably, to supply and distribution chains, which are

Presumably, if this happens, then China would respond in kind.

In other words, the tensions between the US and China could go beyond taxes and directly disrupt global supply chains as investment is targeted.Any disruption to supply and distribution chains, which are a key part of world trade, could have a lasting impact. In the worst-case scenario, companies may have to relocate factories or distribution centres. Investment decisions affect employment and taxes raised, and are in some ways more disruptive than tariffs, which can be reversed more easily.This escalation would be damaging for the US and Chinese economies since global companies, such as Apple, invest in both countries. This would affect not only US businesses but also American consumers.

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Retailers such as Walmart import goods from China, so prices would go up and living standards would be squeezed. And since US goods are sold worldwide, if they are reliant on parts from China, consumers here in the UK and in the rest of the world would also be affected. The same applies to Chinese consumers and producers, particularly since about half of Chinese exports are made by enterprises with foreign investors.Markets rally as White House plays down trade war fears — as it happened Read moreThe US is targeting hi-tech manufacturers to disrupt President Xi’s flagship industrial strategy, the Made in China 2025 plan, which seeks to make Chinese manufacturing globally competitive by introducing more artificial intelligence and automation. The ability of emerging economies such as China to “catch up” with rich economies depends on their being able to access and adapt the


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