Poverty the expected income then it can

Poverty is the social issue for the present days. How do we want to define what the word poverty means? It can define in different ways. Somebody will say the state of being poor is called poverty or if a person has a lower income than the expected income then it can be called poverty. But poverty has the broader definition than that.

According to the world bank organization, it is to say that poverty is not only defined by having less money, it also defines hunger, lack of shelter. Poverty is being sick and don’t have the access to the hospital. Poverty is not having access to go to school and being literate. It also hinders to gain specific knowledge that a person supposed to know. So poverty affects a person in many ways.

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Poverty affects not only adults but also the children. Especially the school-aged children. School-aged children are those who are aged enough to attend school to start for the education of their life. At that time they start to develop in their cognitive, physical and mental abilities. They need certain things that help them to develop in every possible way. However, if the poverty comes to their life, then it can have the adverse impact. First, it came with the family, and if the child’s family is living in poverty, then they will have the less knowledge regarding the development aspects of the children.

They cannot be able to provide the proper care to the children. Second of all poverty leads the children to the malnutrition. It can be because they don’t get the nutritious food because of a shortage of money. It may be possible they are not capable of carrying out their daily meal plans or timetable.

That’s why they can suffer either obesity or malnutrition which left them to develop as weak, unhealthy


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