PESTLE the income distribution of the people living

PESTLE FACTORS Political- these factors are usually beyond the control of KFC.

Political factors influence KFC in many types of ways which can make advantages and opportunities for KFC.KFC uses this as a guide service for example the government policies such as price policy which KFC has managed to properly abide by even though it is a global business. KFC maintain their price policy by looking at the income distribution of the people living in a particular area or country.The political stability of the countries in which KFC is based are stable thus making the marketing strategies more effective since people find it easier to freely move around when the country or area is like peace for example in Uganda there are no riots or large scale political struggles thus enabling KFC to grow swiftly.Taxes also influence marketing strategies wherein if the taxes are high then the strategies will have to very cost effective thus affects the marketing plan in that less marketing will be carried out.

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