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Person Centred Practice is an approach that puts the client at the centre of their care and their care is structured around their individual needs.

It involves them in making decisions about things that affect them (Health Foundation 2012). It helps the patient to know what is happening around them and be able to make decision about their needs and things that affect them. It makes it possible for professional care and support workers to detect what is important and what is crucial to the person they are supporting and when this happens they will be able to provide more specific care to the needs of the patient, and the patient in return are engaged in their own treatment decisions and they feel supported.Person Centred Practice plays a major role in the care sector it involves the service user fully in planning, developing and assessing everything about their care needs.

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In simple words we can also describe it as involving the service users and their families in the heart of the decisions and both can influence the care plan to suit the individual needs. Person centred practice also put value to the dignity of the service user, makes the individual more independent. A level of respect, privacy and rights is being earned by the service user.


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