Part Vier Pfoten etc. collaborate with vegans to

Part 1: There is no doubt that Veganism is a very talked about and controversial lifestyle. The term Vegan is most commonly known as a type of diet in which one excludes all animal products, such as eggs, dairy and honey, from his/her diet. However, not many know that there are actually two types of vegans.

One of them lives this vegan lifestyle for health reasons while the other will live it for ethical reasons. Veganism is becoming increasingly more popular is the United States with now more than 2.5% of americans claiming or considering that they are Vegan. Along with that, more than 33% of all americans claim that they eat meatless meals on a regular basis, which even though they are not technically full blown vegans they are still considered contributors in the vegan community. Many organizations for animals rights such as PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Pro Animale, Vier Pfoten etc. collaborate with vegans to fight for better conditions for animals.

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