Over policy makers, social partners, trade unions

Over the past 12 years, Ukraine has been experiencing migration population growth and approximately 230,000 people have entered the country. Ukraine has many challenges around migration, however, it does illustrate some of the accomplishments. Over a period of time, Ukraine has accomplished liberalization of migration legislation and policies. It has a growing population of immigrants due to which integration of foreigners has become one of the most important national agenda.

Ukraine lacks state funds and has low public awareness about the migrant issues and so to assess the situation and the need of integration of migrants, a project was undertaken basis which they were able to identify the areas of concern and were able to provide recommendations to policy makers, social partners, trade unions and raise awareness of migrants in the Ukraine. Various recommendations have been put forward to the attention of the Ukrainian Government, International organizations and representatives of civil society: 1. To make the migration management more effective, the migration process to be simplified, made transparent and be handled by one state agency, 2. Develop National policy on the Integration of Migrants in the Ukraine3.

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Migrants ability to access labour market and grant work permits4. Tolerance and non-discrimination5. Provide training to migrant workers to improve their skills.6.

Measure s be taken to tackle corruption and prejudice towards migrants.7. Migrants be guaranteed freedom of movement.8.

improve migrants’ access to medical facilities and assistanceUkraine is also part of the international organization for migrants (IOM) The IOM Mission in Ukraine was established in 1996. The IOM’s mission is to understand the opportunities and challenges of migration in the Ukraine and maximizes those opportunities and minimizes the challenges presented by guiding principles of all activities and programs the mission is engaged in. The IOM Mission in Ukraine is to guide the internally displaced persons and people affected with conflict, fight against human trafficking, provide assistance to Government in dealing with irregular migration, improving the migration management system, introduction of health practices and policies for migrants. At the same time, IOM Ukraine harnesses the development potential of migration, creating awareness of migration information, supporting integration of migrants, promoting the benefits of cultural diversity and counteracting intolerance.

During 20 years of presence in Ukraine, IOM has assisted about half a million migrants, IDPs, potential migrants, victims of trafficking and other vulnerable groups, directly or through its project partners.In conclusion, the government of Ukraine is attempting to combat the migrant problem, and it recognizes that it has not been quite successful with adequate measures of protecting its migrants. For it to achieve a breakthrough, it would highly require a provision of government funds, and further appreciate cooperation in terms of financial assistance from other developed countries and international organizations.


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