Over not. My dream job, as a child,

Over the course of my youth, I was always asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” At the ripe age of five years old, did I know what I wanted to pursue as a potential career? Of course not. My dream job, as a child, was never consistent. Throughout the years, my prospective occupation list included: doctor, lawyer, singer, hospital manager, business woman, and sugar fairy princess. Even after years of pondering this question, I’m still not sure of what profession I want to pursue; however, I am sure of how I am going to get there. I am going to get there by studying psychology.

Psychology has the privilege of being a flexible major; after earning a Bachelor’s degree in either the Arts or Sciences, I will be opened to a cornucopia of opportunities. My goals are to earn a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, continue my education and earn a Master’s degree, and after doing so, a plethora of options will await me. I will have the choice of furthering my education even more or pursuing a career. The sole condition I have is that no matter which option I choose, it will hopefully bring happiness to those around me in one way or another, as my measurement of success is not in the numbers – but in how many lives I change for the better.

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