Our can choose appropriate activities, services and information

Our target group who we are trying to benefit is children with diabetes from age 4 years till 14 years old.

We will divide them into three groups regarding their age: first group for age from 4 to 6 years old, a second group from 7 to 10 years old and a third group from 11 to 14 years old. We decide to have these three groups regarding their age, so we can choose appropriate activities, services and information according to their ages. We will provide local programs and services in the schools of GTA , host a variety of events and offer many ways to connect with children with diabetes, their families and their teachers in our community. The program includes four sessions, with each session addressing a different topic. Sessions are led by trained and certified community facilitators.

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Our programs and services encourage children with diabetes type 1 to live healthier lives by providing practical and accessible information that is helpful and meaningful to them. By this service, we empower the child to live beyond his or her diabetes. While at camp, children learn about diabetes management, healthy lifestyle and dealing and prevention of complication (for example hypoglycemia) in an enriching, safe and fun environment with all of their diabetes need to be monitored by a dedicated team. At camp, diabetes education is experiential; meaning that learning about how to better manage diabetes and modify a lifestyle happens through doing. When children leave camp, they will have also gained a new level of independence in managing their diabetes and allowed to continue the healthy practices they learned at camp. Each group has one or more of our team member and invite guest speakers. In general, topics including:• Monitoring blood sugar and educate them how to use glucometer • Administering insulin• Having regular healthy meals and snacks• Balancing food, medication and physical activity• Recognizing the signs of low and high blood sugarAll educational events are coordinated at school (gem) or summer camp and may include one or all of the following:• A trade show with exhibitors that offer diabetes-related products and services• A speaker and sometimes one or more additional speakers as well as demonstrations, a panel discussion, “Ask the Experts”, workshop-style session, and seminars.

• An interactive component including a cooking demonstration or lesson, art/graft, dance/fitness activity, risk assessment and videos.• Food Skills for children and their families is a hands-on program that makes healthy eating, shopping and cooking easy, quick and fun. The program provides them with practical relevant guidance on how to prepare healthy meals.


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