One of the most remarkable systems found

One of the most remarkable systems found by the humans is the establishment of an organized society. The concept has its roots in the Darwinian theories of origin and evolution of the species that also include human beings and the evolution of the society. The concept of man being a social animal tends to view humans as creatures dominated by animal instincts and desires, while also interested and inclined to build societies and live gregariously. Development and evolution of societies, with all the intellectual activities too, converges at the ultimate purpose of satiating carnal desires, albeit at another level.

In the primitive time period, humans were considered to be hunter gathers or scavengers but as soon as they understood the environment around them they sought out in search for places to settle down. As time passed by, they realized the complexity of the world. That is how the governing system has come into existence, but in the set of governing being developed which one was more suitable for mankind to have? A monarch or a president?

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