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One of the most common violations of netiquette is using capital letters while sending emails or on social media as this comes across as shouting and aggressive d) Looking at the table, one of the reasons that the flat database is less effective is how many times the data is duplicated.

While using data bases the less duplicated data is better, the reason being there are less chances of input errors and every time you duplicate data it stores on a hard drive and takes unnecessary memory away. The second reason why a flat data base has its limitations is because flat data bases can be a massive data base and could take a long time to find the relevant data, but if you use a relational data base the data is stored in a cleaner environment which organizes the data into tables and makes it easier to find that relevant data. (124 words) Question 4a) How analogue sounds may be represented in a digital form-Sound is all around us from traffic noise to people speaking in the street, if you wanted to digitalize this by converting an analogue sound to a digital sound you can. A few things need to happen first, you need a microphone or a recording device to capture the sound.

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What happens now is the sound pressure waves convert to an electrical signal, after this happens the sound needs to be coded so the computer or audio device can read the information on the electrical signal. How the computer reads this information is by its display with 1 and 0s, this is called binary. (114 words)


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