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One of the biggest challenges helmets market face is getting word out to the people who are most likely to become our customers. In fact, the whole goal of all helmets market is to “get the right message to the right person at the right time.” As marketers we also make sure we can do this at the best price possible. As a marketer, our primary goal is to find ways to identify who these people are so that you can create marketing campaigns that speak to them directly. This might sound pretty obvious, but too often marketers assume that what they offer the world has universal appeal and that their target audience is “everybody”! As much as we would all like to believe that, it’s never true and can get in the way of creating effective marketing campaigns that do talk to the right people.

A customer can be sorted any number of ways based on an almost infinite number of criteria. But your customer is unique to our brands, so we’re going to want to identify the factors that can be used to create a better connection between their potential needs and what our company offers. Continuously thinking about how our target audience gets information by several channels like Television, Radio, Newspapers, WebPages, Online search campaigns.Customers who have a high net worth which is defined by the frequency and volume of purchases made over a significant period of time are referred to as high value customers. Sometimes this term is also used to refer to customers who have a high potential for growth in accounts. Businesses spend a considerable amount of resources and energy towards acquiring new customers. While lead generation is important, what is even more crucial is retaining these customers especially the ones who provide the helmet business with regular cash-flows.

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Existing customers will be more receptive to up-sells and cross-sells than a new customer. Approach high value existing customers and provide them with bundled offerings at reasonable rates cut out exclusively for them. Marketers can use loyalty programs that are point based or use discount-based rewards along with redemption schemes to ensure that customers keep returning to our brand.The best way to win new customers is through word of mouth of existing ones. Existing customers should be rewarded for referring new customers either by providing rebate checks or discount coupons or any other practice which would incentivize them to spread the word.

It is important to always delight high-value customers with superior customer service. For this purpose, we should have highly trained customer service representatives manage these high-value customers. High value customers should be immediately moved to the beginning of the wait queue and call routing systems should promptly connect them to trained customer service representatives immediately.


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