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On August 29th, Hurricane Katrina, was one of the deadliest hurricanes to reach the Unites States. It started out as a tropical depression in the North Atlantic Ocean and gained strength as it reached the United States. It affected Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. New Orleans was affected the most due to the collapse of the levees which are supposed to help the river flow and stop flooding. The collapse of the levees caused major flooding in the city and challenged our government. Before Katrina, there was no communication infrastructure or plan of action in place in case of an emergency. Hours after Katrina made landfall in New Orleans all the communication systems such as landlines, cell phones and radio systems were knocked out because of the high winds and there was no back up plan for communicating and getting help.

FEMA faced disapproval and heavy criticism from the citizens because of how disorganized and unprepared they were when a disaster of this magnitude hit. Many people felt that they were given promises that were not delivered from an organization that was supposed to be there to help when a crisis would occur.FEMA organized Homeland Security workers to aid in assistance to New Orleans. FEMA also requested that no firefighters or other emergency crews were to report to areas hit by Katrina without being first mobilized by local and state authorities which slowed down the response time to the areas affected this disaster. FEMA seemed as if they did not want help from non-government organizations such as the American Red Cross.

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