Nowadays, you know that Data is always

Nowadays, if consumers is experiencing a poor service from a company, they will more likely to switch to other organization. But, there is no excuses for a business to fail to deliver and individualised the experience given of data that they have collected on every consumer’s journey. Do you know that Data is always available through a consumer’s mobile application usage, how often they use a social media etc It also contributes to a finger print that will be unique to its owner so every organization has to take this as an advantage in order to deliver a successful consumer experience. Besides that, every organization expects to create an engaging consumer experience are able to serve as some true competitive advantages. So, by using these advance data, an organization are able to use their consumer and user experienced data to result in a better satisfaction ways that enables them to be more loyal in a long term.

According to Alec Gardner, there are five benefits of data for an organization. Firstly, by having data in an organization it enables an organization to know the basic information about their consumers. By knowing and understanding their consumer’s needs, an organization are able to fully optimize their experiences and also are able to develop a long-term relationship with their consumers. Secondly, by having an effective data collation, it helps an organization to stay in a competitive in the market in order to be ready with the change of the demand and also to be able to implement and adapt the new technology when it is introduced.

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It helps them to be more anticipated in market demand before the product is even requested. Thirdly, an organization need to be responsive to cope with the volatility which were created by their consumers engaging via digital tech. Data offers the opportunities to interact based on the consumer’s personality so by understanding their attitude and factors such as real-time locations to help deliver the personalisation in a multi channel service environments. Fourthly, applying the analytics for designing and controlling the process, an organization has to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness in order to fulfil their consumers expectations. An organization can easily use advanced analytics method to improve their field operation, and efficiency. Lastly, an efficient data and analytics capability in delivering the optimum level of fraud prevention and overall organizational security is excellent. Data management alongside, efficient and also transparent in reporting the fraud incident.


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