Nowadays promoting personal and intellectual growth. Theory 3

Nowadays more people are attending school, regardless of age, social class or background. All with different purposes, but with the mission to take advantage of all the opportunities it provides. Louis Menand, the author of “Live and Learn: Why We Have College,” explains how learning can be measured in three developed theories. Theory 1 believes education should be a meritocratic system based on abilities and talents.

Theory 2 exposes students to different experiences needed for the real world by promoting personal and intellectual growth. Theory 3 supports students to specialize the sector they have in mind. I believe in Menand’s second theory where college encourages people to discover themselves, focuses on what the students wants to learn, and everyone having a opportunity to attend college. If we only focus on random classes and judge based on the grades obtained we will not have the necessary to operate in the real word and function as a society.

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Menand’s second theory encourages student’s individualism and what is socially important, expanding their knowledge through various topics. Learning beyond what is required for a career in specific provides an understanding of how society works, how we fit in, and how it also expands personal growth. Learn just for the sake of learning is a privilege that not all students have. Therefore we need to know that our efforts will help.

If we do not convince us that useful is more important, then grades will be our only rewarding and at the end our potential and professionalism will be measured based on grades obtained, representing theory 1. Through my experience, college is still giving me the opportunity to grow and learn through different courses I’ve taken, have helped me understand their application in the real world whether they are related to my career or not. It has also helped me to realize what my skills are and my weaknesses giving me the opportunity to improve.


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