Nowadays, to promote positive influences on human well-being

Nowadays, a large percentage of the world population live in urban areas. Urban environments impose several impacts on societies. Human well-being and social behavior are considered as challenges concerned with rapid urbanization existed in cities. There is a significant relationship between the well-being and social behavior of citizens and their urban environments. On the one hand, cities may have the best urban environments to promote positive influences on human well-being and social behavior.

While on the contrary, cities could provide the worst urban environments that develop negative impacts on human well-being and social behavior. This paper is examining how urban environments affect human well-being and social behavior. It aims to explore the impacts of green open and recreational spaces on Saudi society in “Jeddah’s Water Front” project. This paper compares between local and international case studies of urban green open spaces and their effects on human social life.

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Moreover, this paper explains the sustainable strategies to create effective open spaces that promote positive effects on society. It is a survey research which has a questionnaire and interviews that take place at Jeddah’s waterfront project in Saudi Arabia in order to examine human well-being and social behavior of the Saudi society. The outcomes of this paper will be implemented in fulfilling some objectives of the Saudi vision of 2030. One of these objectives is to rise the average life expectancy from 74 to 80 years by improving citizens’ mental and physical health through having more effective recreational and green open spaces in Saudi Arabia. Finally, this paper will help in establishing a strong and vibrant society in Saudi Arabia.


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