Nowadays, air reached 3.8 billion and it

Nowadays, when we are the witnesses of various growing industries, it is easy to understand that more high-skilled employees are needed for different businesses.

In 2016 a number of travelling people by air reached 3.8 billion and it is predicted that by 2035 a number will reach 7.2 billion of passengers. (, 2018) According to International Air Transport Association (IATA) aviation companies are making more profit every year and it is obvious that aviation industry is growing by providing different services. According to this, we can understand that this industry will need more professionals to run various companies which are related to aviation. There are so many different pathways to start career in this industry.

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Aviation depends on high-skilled employees, whether pilots, engineers, air traffic controllers, or safety inspectors. (Future airline industry 2035., p.26.

, In this industry employees may face difficult challenges, but it is all in order to make safer, more efficient and sustainable air transport industry. It is not easy to choose where to start your career in aviation industry as there are so many places where you could start building your leadership. As we know, nobody starts their career from the top of the ladder.

As an example, Project Manager assistant would be a great place to start a challenging, full of experience career. This role of your career will help you to use practical skills how to manage different projects in air transport industry. According to the job site ‘’, project manager assistant is responsible for overseeing customer aircraft from pre-planning, arrival, conducting the debrief meeting, ongoing communication about the aircraft status, departure and post-departure follow up. Additional duties may include attending customer lunches, dinners or other business events. In addition, Project Manager assistant has to be able to quickly adapt and fulfil the orders given by the Project Manager, as well as be active and initiative.

A good understanding of the duty’s assistant is responsible for is vital as it helps to achieve set goals quicker and gives you a good guidance in how to complete tasks properly. In general, assistant is getting ready to become a Project Manager by learning some tips from a manager. If you have a degree in Aviation management, good organisational and communication skills, you are attentive to details, prepared to face stressful situations – it is a good place to start becoming a leader in aviation industry. If you are career-minded with an aviation, inventory trading background and want to be surrounded by business agreements, help company to make more revenue every year, you should think about sales consultant role. It is another popular job related to aviation is Sales Executive. It is clear that a graduate will not take a place as a sales executive if just graduated a University.

But by working hard, achieving your goals, it is possible to build your career that you dreamed of. A sales executive is an employee of a company who is responsible for selling the company’s goods and services to customers.(Reference, 2018) It is obvious that a person who want to work in such a place like Aviation Sales Executive has to be able to predict some kind of future scenes.

Such as people demand of fares or services on board, profit-based sales targets.(En.wikipedia.

org, 2018) Taking this role in aviation industry can be hard and, stressful, an employee is always responsible for delivering high service level and ensuring that everything what is related with its’ sold goods are delivered on time. An employee has to be able negotiate with customers and suppliers, and of course self- motivated and flexible with the ability to succeed in a busy environment. (, 2018) As we can see, this career pathway demands ability to be a leader, so an employee need to be capable to lead company’s department and its’ team. In aviation industry there are so many job places to start building your career. If we compare those described careers it is understandable and logical that a career maker needs to use its’ leadership and management skills.

Every successful business is profitable because of efficient management. In both cases a candidate has to be able to cope with busy environment and business needs. It is not necessary to start a career in those particular places.

You can build your career slowly by working where ever you want. No doubt that a big baggage of knowledge you gain at University, helps to achieve your career goals. At University you start develop your leadership management skills and aviation knowledge which will help you to be a successful career maker.


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