NIHIT complete tasks that humans have limitations

NIHIT SHAH654848IST2040 GROUPWORK ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEBENEFITS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEError reduction: AI aids in reducing and minimising errors and work with a higher degree of accuracy and precision. Intelligent robots sent to space have metal bodies which are resistant to the harsh atmosphere of the outer space, unlike mankind.No breaks: Machines do not need frequent breaks.

They can perform multiple tasks for extended long periods of time, without getting distracted or bored; unlike humans!Difficult exploration: Machines and robots do not wear out easily and can work more hard and responsibly, hence they can complete tasks that humans have limitations with such as ocean floor exploration, mining for oil etcImplementing machine intelligence at work, can make work smarter and more efficient. Artificial intelligence in mobile devices can predict what we are going to type and correct human spelling errors, which saves us from embarrassing situations! Work smart, not hard!Computer scientist Peter Abbael of the University of California says “that robots will be able to keep us much safer from destruction in near future”. It will help us in taking care of the old without tiring out and hence human beings will enjoy independence for a longer period. He predicts that AI can help us in drastically reducing traffic accidents.

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It can bring such incidents to zero if developed properly.”The sky is the limit” – says Oren Etzioni, CEO of Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence. Everything that human beings have contemplated starting from space exploration to finding a solution to the deadly Ebola, could have been more documented and tractable with the impact of artificial intelligence. AI will document the footprints of human developments.


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