Nexus was 28% during the year 2018

Nexus Mobile loyalty programme which was launched by CCS and operated by JMSL is a key tool in marketing products to customers which has a membership of over 900,000 by the end of march 2018, making it one of the most famous loyalty card bases in the country.

The total value of Nexus transactions was 28% during the year 2018 and contributed more than 90% to total sales. (Colombo Cold Stores PLC, 2017/18)CCS broaden its customer reach though social media as an initiative if marketing in the year 2018. CCS concentrated on growing their customer reach and enhancing correspondence with Customers through upgrading their web sites (Colombo Cold Stores PLC, 2017/18). Accordingly the key brands initiated separate face book pages and the elephant house ice cream page has developed as a standout amongst the most well known FMCG pages, being only one to collect more than 240,000 likes (Anon., 2018)The compelling execution of the Distributors Management System (DMS) has encouraged continuous Information exchange with the distributors therefore it ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of the distributor network to confirm that products can be marketed and accessible to consumers in all districts of the country without any interruptions. (Colombo Cold Stores PLC, 2016/17)CCS has given more emphasis on packaging of ice creams and soft drinks to attract more consumers.

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Recently, CCS has used new designs and attractive colours in its package to market its products. e.g. 2017, CCS Rebranded the Wonder Bar range with modern packaging.

(Colombo Cold Stores PLC, 2017/18)


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