Names communication that connects people together through

Names and HonorificsLanguage is a method of communication that connects people together through the use of words in a structured manner. The structural formation of language while used in context of communication is determined by many complex factors, such as culture, institutions, social categories, ideologies, and power relationships. Language is bound up by culture, which influences communication within institutions, thereby establishing power relationships between individuals.

The culture that I have chosen to analyze is the Italian culture that I have originated from. Through my own experiences, I will examine and illustrate how the Italian culture expresses their language choices and methods of communication through institutions and power relationships. Culture is reflected in our history and in our heritage; it is how we express ideas between one another. Cultureis what allows for us to develop personal and cognitive growth; it is what has been grown and groomed (Kramsch, 1998).

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Furthermore, language is the fundamental aspect of culture by reason of which it is what brought people to empathize and relate to one another. The Italian culture uses language in a way that


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