Conspiracy by SIDNEY SHELTON.

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The story begins with a swiss tour bus on a trip over the Alps stopping near a mysterious crash site close to the village of Utendorf. One man faints another vomits. A woman starts shaking uncontrollably . A priest claims to have seen the face of Satan. He claims that Armageddon is here.

Robert Bellamy of the ONI wakes up and is summoned to the NSA headquarters. There General mark Hilliard, the director of the NSA, assigns him to investigate an incident where a ‘Weather balloon’ has crashed. He adds that there were some witnesses whom he wants Robert to track down. He is forcibly given a special credit card by Hilliard for his expenses. Robert’s past is revealed in a flash back – He was a pilot in the U.S navy and fought in the Vietnam war. There after a successful blooming mission along with Edward Whittaker , Robert’s plane is attacked by enemy aircraft. He shoots one down, but the second hits his plane with missile. As Robert fights to regain control, two more planes descend from the front and rake the plane with machine-gun fire. Robert , heavily injured manages to eject, but Edward dies. Robert is picked up by a helicopter and transported to a hospital. Doctors declare that there is no chance of saving Robert. But a nurse intervenes and convinces doctors to operate Robert. Robert survives and becomes close to Susan Ward, the nurse. They later get married. Robert goes to Zurich where he locates Hans Beckerman, the bus driver. He says that the people on the bus witnessed an UFO crash. He reveals the identity of another passenger, Fritz Mandel of Bern. Later a woman, seeking a lift in Beckerman’s car, murders him and makes it look like an accident. The cycle continues as Robert locates the passengers one by one, they are mysteriously killed.

Each murder is meticulously staged to appear as an accident. Mandel is crushed under aheavy hydraulic lift. Leslie Mothershed dies in a fire in his house. Dan Wayne is kicked to death by his stallion after it is provoked by the assassins. Olga Romanchanko is raped and strangled. Kevin Parker is stabbed to death. William Mann is shot dead and it’s made to appear like a suicide. Laslo Bushfekete’s cobra is let loose, which later bites him. Otto Schmidt’s laboratory is tampered with and it results in him dying in an explosion. Father Patrini is poisoned to death. It’s later revelaed that Robert’s marriage with Susan also dissolved, as his wife, starved for attention by Robert, married a rich buisness tycoon Monte Banks. Meanwhile,a mysterious person going by the code name Janus is preparing a sinister plot.

As Commander Robert Bellamy of US navy is on the verge of completing his mission, he learns that he is being hunted by an unknown lethal force. Robert runs, escaping from the attackers, from Washington to Zurich, Rome and Paris.

As the story unfolds to reveal Belllamy’s past- why the woman he loves cannot return his love, why his most beloved friends become his deadly enemies. Bellamy finally learns that the investigation ends in the place where he had started it. And how he wins over the enemies and his lady love back forms the final plot with unexpected twists and turns.