NAME: Tejaswi Nekkanti
PROGRAM: MS in Healthcare Administration
I would like to introduce myself as Tejaswi Nekkanti.I submit the following personal essay in support of my application to your Masters in healthcare administration program at your esteemed university. My career in medicine and health science began when I started pursuing my under graduation at Gitam Dental College and Hospital, Visakhapatnam, the best academic institution offering dental education, complete with a first class pass percentage of 65.11%. Before my under graduation my studies were focused on the basic foundation of health and science which is during my high school at NRI academy, Visakhapatnam, completing with a percentage score of 90.2 and this early passion for a career in health and science remains with me today. Completing your distinguished MHA program at your esteemed university will enable me, particularly to maximize my contribution to health care.

Since my childhood I was an inquisitive child, this feature of mine tend me to choose science subject for my higher school, that continued and lead me to go into the medical field for my under graduation, During which I developed an interest towards Healthcare.

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As I said that I was always curious to know things, I started to learn in detail and in precise about healthcare then did I know that every single thing has a root which describes that, to provide any sought of healthcare to individuals it is run and managed by healthcare units. The better the health care unit runs the better or the best healthcare they provide to the society. This interlinking of a better healthcare unit in providing a better health care is well stated to me during my under graduation when I was conducting my oral hygiene camps in rural areas. I observed that in these rural areas there is no good health care facility, no individual is well aware of personal sanity nor the precautions he or she should take to avoid getting infected neither do they know any schemes regarding health that if participated or taken interest in them, would help them in preserving their future health needs. After incidents like this, I personally took interest to research about health care in my country, after which I found that healthcare is still sub-standard for most people because of underperformance of the healthcare units to provide better healthcare needs. Though there seem to be a lot of NGO’S and NPO’S coming forward, am especially concerned with the lack of effectivity and reliable systems for performance control. Many if not most of the Indians, especially in rural and semi-rural areas who have the greatest need of health care, remain without access. For this reason, I am keen in learning and participating to the creation of a health care system.

“Quality is not an act; it is a habit”-Aristotle. This quote by Aristotle seems challenging whenever I think to implement for the same to the healthcare systems regarding quality management
Apart from the academic life, I always liked to participate in our college’s cultural activities and did so whenever I got a chance where I was able to develop a few leadership skills by organizing the events. I have also been a member of the student’s Indian dental association. I have organized and as well as being part of health camps representing my college.

My long-term goal is to someday entail a high degree of responsibility in the service of a hospital/healthcare organization where I can help to make a significant improvement in patient outcomes. I look forward to working for a government agency or non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of health care.—————-   is my first choice for study towards the MHA because I so  respect the ideals of the program and appreciate the diversity of the campus, with one of the highest percentages of international students of all U.S. institutions of higher learning.

I look forward to rigorous and in-depth exposure to a range of health-care issues, policy, ethics, organizational behavior and all other keystone principles of MHA in your program. I feel strongly that XXXXX is the best place to prepare myself to be a creative and visionary health care administrator operating upon the firm foundation that I will attain in your distinguished program.

I thank you for considering my application to your program.