My name is Laurie. I started kindergarten

My name is Laurie. I started kindergarten a while ago and I hate it. On the first day, I got spanked because the teacher said I was being “fresh”.

I hate the teacher and I hate being told what to do, and my parents kept asking stupid questions about it at dinner. I didn’t want to get in trouble, so I had a very good idea. I told them that it wasn’t me that was being fresh, but another boy named Charles. My parents totally bought it, and I got to leave without telling them anything else.

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After more days of getting in trouble, I yelled really loud; loud enough for a first grader to come and tell our class to be quiet. And after school ended, the teacher made me stay after class and just sit in my seat. When I ran home, I had another good idea and I told my mom that it was Charles that stayed after school and that everybody just sat there and watched him. My idea worked, and I gave myself a pat on the back. I started to think that my parents were going to figure out about Charles because I heard them talking about him at night, and I got very scared one day, because my mom was planning on going to the parent-teacher meeting that night.

But it turns out that the baby got sick, so I was saved. A few days later, my teacher brought her friend to class and he made us do exercises. I hate being bossed around and I hate doing exercises, so I kicked the teacher’s friend and he got mad and said I wasn’t allowed to do exercises anymore.

When I got home my parents asked me about it, and I blamed it all on Charles again, “What are they going to do about Charles, do you suppose?” Dad asked me. “throw him out of school, I guess,” I told him. I think that shut him up. I started getting nervous again because my parents kept talking about Charles every time someone did something naughty, so I decided to do something about it. For two weeks, I was a good boy in class, I passed the crayons around and picked the books up and the teacher gave me an apple. I couldn’t keep being nice though, so on Friday, I told a girl a bad word that I heard my dad say, and she said it two times, so she got her mouth washed out with soap and I thought that was the funniest thing in the world because I didn’t even get in trouble for it. And a few days ago, I decided to say the word myself, and it made the teacher so angry that she kept washing my mouth with soap.

I got very nervous again because my mom kept talking about how she wanted to go to the PTA meeting this week and finally meet Charles’ mom. And I heard my parents whispering to each other before mom went to my school, “Invite her over for a cup of tea after the meeting, I want to get a look at her,” my dad said. “Only if she’s there,” my mom replied, and that gave me a terrible feeling.

But for now, I’m hiding under my bed, and my mom is almost home from the meeting. I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do when she gets back.


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