My The job of an flight attendant pays

My ideal career would be a flight attendant,since I have been in grammar school I have had this dream. A flight attendant stood out to be because I like going to see and do new things I really like adventuring to new places. I have been told you don’t want a career that you don’t really care for but the flight attendant job I feel like would not get tiring because your always going to new places. The job of an flight attendant pays a pretty well salary of $50,000 annually but the beginners get paid up to $25,000 per year and that is pretty good for beginning flight attendants. The work environment for an flight attendant would be a airplane all day with passengers aboard heading to different places around the world.

In the job I will work with lots of people and be serving people aboard of the planes but I get along with working with people well. Flight attendants switch shifts with other flight attendant so I will have breaks and the websites I have checked out says that flight attendants have a pretty flexible schedule and are required to have to have a high school diploma is typically required to become a flight attendant. Some airlines may prefer to hire applicants who have taken some college courses also a two semester course to be a flight attendant. Some things that you can’t have if wanting to be an flight attendant No visible tattoos, have a clean criminal background for at least ten years (no felonies).

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They also have really good benefits like medical, dental, and life insurance, performance-based bonuses, paid vacation and holidays discounts on cruises and car rentals. This job of being a flight attendant would be awesome for me because of the advantages and the adventures and great opportunities.


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