My aim is to understand the capacity

My aim is to understand the capacity of my team, Capacity planning is an important part of any business and business planning.

A capacity plan will support the objective of best, and cost-effective use of resources and services by matching them to Center Parcs and guests’ needs. This project will also help me identify and reduce any inefficiencies linked to either underused resources or unmet guest demand. It will enable me to provide satisfactory service levels in a cost-efficient manner. This plan will help ensure that all my team are capable of performing all required functions, that the team will all perform as efficiently as possible, and accommodate realistic progress without being too wasteful.

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My team, email and Social Media responses have never been monitored in the past, and guest contact via these channels are growing at rapid speed. Digital correspondence is on the increase, guests’ have many questions and do not have the time to make a phone call, wait in a queue, and then possibly be put on hold whilst the agent looks for an answer. Call lengths within the Contact Center have increased and this is at an increased cost to the business.

If we can service guests’ quicker via email, then this may save money in the longer term. I also plan to investigate Webchat within this project. An online chat system will provide our guests’ with immediate access to help. Wait times are often much less than a call centre, and guests’ can multi-task while waiting. Guests’ want to be able to reach us whenever they encounter a problem, reducing response times and backlogged calls, this will also boost guest satisfaction.Webchat may come at a cost to the business, however we currently use a tool for emails and this has a webchat tool attached to it. I need to understand if this is included in the cost of our package and if not what would the costs be.

Again, this project will help me understand how we can respond quicker and help reduce the number of timely calls to the Contact Center. Most importantly, I will gain the understanding of where I need to concentrate my team resources, i.e. Social Media, Emails, Tree House bookings.

Once I have a clear understanding of my team’s capabilities and capacity, the objective is to improve our Service Level Agreement and introduce clear Key Performance Indicators. There is an obvious link between employee performance and company success. Once the project is completed, the team will have a target to satisfactory resolve a specified number of emails, phone calls and Social Media responses weekly.


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