Music for life Every moment

Music for life
Every moment, we always listen to a song in everywhere. We still got caught that the song make us so happy and sad in every situation. Music is one of the most important cultures for us. Music is something that we use to express the things that we have felt in our life. Music can use for everyone and can use with every stuff. In fact, music can cure various internal deases. The disease that is often found among teenagers is stressful and it can be cured with music. Can you simplify this sentence?After mess around with a variety of activities that are taking the mind and energies. it’s good we loosen the nerves by listening to music so that the mind and nerves that had been tense can relax and calm. To people who’s broken heart, music can make we felt happy again. Surely, we have a favorite song, and that song is felt in our condition or it’s good to listen.