Mission Statement

Mission Statement:
The main mission of the organisation is to create comfortable Hijab for the Muslim women much that presents them with better living in hot areas. These Hijabs would be of competitive quality, exquisite designs and colors, in line with latest fashion trends thereby adding value to the customer.
Strategies recommendations and objectives:
The company being a startup, aims to design and develop an effective and successful business with competent marketing strategies those create widespread brand awareness ensuring success for the company. Effective marketing strategies and objectives of a company would be such that they ensure the creation of a sustainable brand and resultant business for the economic entity.
Develop Category Need
Barmal, has planned to innovate a cooling fabric that cools the head being the chemically-treated fiber that uses Omni-Freeze Technology. This Hijab product would be developed in an aggressive manner by offering a full range collection to consumers. The company intends to market this unique product as an alternative to existing hijab brands and use effective marketing strategies, exclusiveness of the product, and brand awareness for garnering market share. Barmal intends to strengthen the core product portfolio and use the company’s expertise in the Omni-Freeze technology to thwart the adversities. The year ahead has been slated for creation of profound market impact and create a large consumer base. The company sets on the UAE cultural preferences pertaining to clothing for venturing into the markets during next summer. Barmal would offer the prospective consumers the flexibility in Hijab styles and temperature comfort while retaining the residential culture.
Build Strategic Alliance
The company would benefit by creating business Alliance with the global giant Columbia Sportswear that currently operates in more than 72 countries with over 13,000 retailers worldwide. While the geographical spread of Columbia would aid the marketing of our brand, their multiple company stores across UAE, will ease entry barriers to local market and eliminate any distribution problems.
Develop quality leadership
Barmal’s cool hijabs will be priced at premium to reflect the quality and exclusiveness pertaining to the brand. The company will use high-end materials and Omni-Freeze Technology which would trigger the consumers to accept the premium owing to the quality as well as guarantee that accompany the product. This is also supported by the higher GDP of UAE that would aid women to afford premium products.
Building distributions Channels
Barmal plans to use a direct sales force, retailers, and the Internet to reach its markets. These distribution mix channels are most appropriate because of time to market, reduced capital requirements, and fast access to established distribution channels this way company can incrementally utilize these distribution channels to gain extra standing in the market and respective profitability.
Brand Awareness (Need to be make in proper format and paragraph)
Barmal as a brand would be portrayed as classy, upscale, versatile, and premium Hijab. The comprehensive marketing strategy is diverse and includes a range of marketing communications and Public relation activities. These include issuance of press releases to technical journals and fashion mags, participation in trade shows and fashion related galas. Publicity through print advertisements in magazine by placement of ads in publications those are oriented geographically and demographically.
In today’s ecommerce world, the company has strategized to capture optimal customer attention by developing a website and use a plethora of the social media as well as digital marketing channels for advertisement of the products. The plans for development of an interactive website that is modelled in a professional manner for sale for products in UAE is underway. In the future, this is expected to be one of the company’s primary marketing channels. The utilization of women centric mediums like television commercial is also on the cards.
This strategies and objectives have been designed for deep market penetration with optimal reacj to the target customers. In order to garner maximum market share the company also needs to complete market penetration in a very short time. However, having stated that the timing of market penetration needs to be coordinated with the production as the company needs to be able to meet the market demand successfully. The financial risks those are associated with the supply chain acts as a major impediment in case of Fast-moving consumer products such as in the present case. The company needs to plan for the seed capital that would be required for channel proliferation, advertising activities, service quality assurance and the like. The risk of similar products being developed leading to market dilution also needs to be planned in a strategic manner.