Minerva’s Impact on Social Injustice In the novel

Minerva’s Impact on Social Injustice
In the novel, In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez, Minerva is motivated
due to the social injustice of her not attending the law school and the restriction of freedom people faces in the society which deeply angers her to join the revolution. In the middle of chapter 7, Minerva is at the graduation ceremony and waiting for a degree to be passed, and they handed her a degree that she cannot use at all to continue her studies in Law. As Mate sees this; she says,” What a shock, then when Minerva got handed a law degree but not the license to practice” ( Alvarez 138). The phrase ” handed” sounds like they gave her a law degree that she did not earn at all. It demonstrates a social injustice of how Trujillo does not want any women to get involved in the society. The word “shock” illustrates the idea of how Minerva was looking up to Trujillo for this because he promised her he would give her the law degree but he betrayed her causing her to be devastated. Minerva was passionate about going to the law school and getting the degree to become a lawyer. The unfair treatment she gets from him profoundly affects her to join the revolution. Moreover, she is deeply affected by how dreadful her society had become when people did not have any of the freedom. Minerva describes how she starts to see the reality of her society to Dede and she says, “I didn’t know,” she said again. What she meant was she didn’t understand until that moment that they were really living — as Minerva like to say — in a police state ( Alvarez 75). Here, it demonstrates that social injustice of how Minerva is angry by the fact how the individuals in her society mistreated because they could not freely express their opinions. Minerva realizes that the people in the society are trapped even within their house due to Trujillo’s power. The word ” police state” symbolizes the idea of people must be very cautious about their say due to Trujillo cannot be ill-spoken. It hints the idea of how the individuals are restricted to talk about the evilness of the government socially. Minerva joins the revolution because she values freedom and wants to provide liberty by sacrificing her life for the thousands of strangers she called them as her people. She does not like living in constant fear of being controlled by a tyrant. In conclusion, Minerva is highly motivated to rebel against Trujillo because she wants to raise awareness to the government for individual rights to the society and her devastation for not being eligible to attend the law school.